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Commercial 600 Tube Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal System

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Project Quick Reference

  • Customer: Pioneer Glass Company
  • Location: Sidney, NY
  • Building Type: Factory / Warehouse
  • Solar System Type: Combi Solar Hot Water / Heating
  • Type Of Solar Collectors: Evacuated Tubes
  • Solar Collector Model: ThermoPower-VHP30
  • Qty Of Solar Collectors: 20 (1117.2 ft2)
  • Anticipated Solar Fraction: %
  • Anticipated 15yr Energy Savings: $ 270,554
  • Install Completion Date: May 2008

Project Overview

This system uses 600 SunMaxx Thermopower VHP’s. Roughly 850,000 btu’s per day are transferred into a 1500 gallon storage tank and then transferred to point of use for one of five zones. This Combisystem is tied into radiant floor, forced hot-air, domestic hot water, swimming pool and a baseboard heating system

Project Details & Further Information

Building Details

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Building Information 
Type of Building Factory / Warehouse

Solar System Details

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Solar System Details
Solar Thermal System Type Combi Solar Hot Water / Heating
Installation Date May 2008
Energy Production (annual) 95204
Anticipated Solar Fraction %
Type of Solar Collectors Evacuated Tubes
Collector Model ThermoPower-VHP30
Quantity of Solar Collectors 20
Gross Area of Collectors (ft2) 1117.2 ft2
Type of Mounting System Flush Mount
Storage Tank Capacity (g) 1500 G

Financial Details

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Anticipated Annual Savings
Annual Savings (year 1) $ 13918.82
Anticipated Cumulative Energy Savings (3% Annual Energy Price Increase)
5 Year Cumulative Savings $ 85558.99
10 Year Cumulative Savings $ 171229.33
15 Year Cumulative Savings $ 270554.03
20 Year Cumulative Savings $ 385690.51

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