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Connecticut – Solar Thermal Incentive Program

Incentive Type  State Rebate Program
Eligible Technologies  Solar Water Heat
Applicable Sectors  Residential
Incentive Amount  Calculated: $70 multiplied by the SRCC “C” rating multiplied by the number of collectors multiplied by the Shading Factor
Maximum Incentive 50% of the project cost
Eligible System Size(s) System must supply between 50% and 80% of annual domestic hot water needs
Equipment Standards Must be SRCC rated, or rated and certified by independent testing body
Installation Standards Must be installed by eligible installer and be less than 20% shaded and must install performance metering equipment.
Program Budget  $2,300,000

More Information Contact:

Information – CEFIA
Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority
865 Brook Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Phone: (860) 563-0015
Fax: (860) 563-4877
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