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Florida Power and Light – Solar Rebate Program

Incentive Type  Utility Rebate Program
Eligible Technologies  Solar Water Heat, Photovoltaics
Applicable Sectors  Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Nonprofit, Schools, Multi-Family Residential, Low-Income Residential, Institutional
Incentive Amount  Solar Water Heater (Residential): $1,000/system
Solar Water Heater (Business): $30/1,000 BTUh per day
Solar PV (Residential): $2/DC Watt
Solar PV (Commercial): $2/DC Watt (Up to 10kW), $1.50/DC Watt (10kW – 25kW), $1/DC Watt (25kW or larger)
Maximum Incentive None Listed
Eligible System Size(s) None Listed
Equipment Standards None Listed
Installation Standards Installation must be complete within 120 days of FPL reservation approval
Program Budget  $15.5 million authorized annually by Florida Public Service Commission

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Customer Service
Florida Power and Light
FPL General Mail Facility
Miami, FL 33188-0001
Phone: (800) 226-3545
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