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Minnesota – Rochester Public Utilities – Solar Rebate Program

Incentive Type  Utility Rebate Program
Eligible Technologies  Solar Water Heat, Photovoltaics
Applicable Sectors  Commercial, Residential, Nonprofit, Local Government, State Government, Fed. Government
Incentive Amount  PV: $1 per watt
Solar Water Heating: $15 per square foot of collector area
Maximum Incentive PV: $10,000
Solar Water Heating: $1,200
Eligible System Size(s) PV: Between 0.5 kW and 10 kW
Equipment Standards PV: Equipment must be new. PV modules must be certified, meeting the most current edition of Underwriters Laboratory Standard 1703 (UL1703) and must have a 20 year or greater manufacturer’s performance warranty. Inverters must be certified as meeting the current edition of Underwriters Laboratory Standard 1741(UL1741) and come with a minimum five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Solar Water Heating: All system components must be new. Entire system must be rated by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and assembled by the manufacturer. Collectors must be SRCC OG-100 rated and have a five-year warranty; other components must have a one-year warranty. Flat plate collectors must have tempered glass glazing.

Installation Standards None Listed
Start Date  None Listed

More Information Contact:

Customer Service RPU
Rochester Public Utilities
4000 East River Road NE
Rochester, MN 55906
Phone: (507) 280-1500
Fax: (507) 280-1542
Web Site:

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