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Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Rebate Program

Incentive Type  State Rebate Program
Eligible Technologies  Solar Water Heat, Solar Thermal Process Heat, Photovoltaics
Applicable Sectors  Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Low-Income Residential, Agricultural
Incentive Amount  Residential PV: $0.75/W DC
Commercial PV: $0.50 – $0.75/W DC (varies by system size)
Residential Battery Backup (1-10 kW only): $0.35/amp-hour
Solar Thermal: 35% of installed cost
Low-income (PV and solar thermal): 35% of installed cost
Maximum Incentive Residential PV: lesser of $7,500 or 35% of installed costs
Commercial PV: lesser of $52,500 or 35% of installed costs
Residential Battery Backup (1-10 kW only): $140/kW (maximum of 400 amp-hours/kW)
Solar Thermal: $5,000 for residential, $50,000 for commercial
Eligible System Size(s) Residential PV: 1 kW minimum (10 kW maximum for battery back-up)
Commercial PV: 3 kW minimum
Equipment Standards Equipment must be new; PV equipment must be listed as eligible under the California Solar Initiative (CSI); Utility grade meter (new or refurbished) required for PV systems; SRCC OG-100 certification required for solar thermal collectors
Installation Standards Work must be performed by a program-approved installer; PV systems must generally be grid-connected (exceptions on a case-by-case basis); Shade and system performance analysis must indicate system output at least 80% of optimum; Newly constructed homes must be Energy Star certified
Start Date  05/18/2009 (date of program opening);
09/01/2010 (battery back addition)

More Information Contact:

Public Information – PA Sunshine
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Office of Energy and Technology Deployment
PO Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8772
Phone: (717) 783-8411
Web Site:


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