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SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Solar System Installed at Westin Resort, St. Marten

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Project Quick Reference

  • Customer: The Westin Resort
  • Location: St. Maarten, US Virgin Islands
  • Building Type: Hotel / Resort (Laundry)
  • Solar System Type: Solar Hot Water
  • Type Of Solar Collectors: Evacuated Tubes
  • Solar Collector Model: ThermoPower-VHP30
  • Qty Of Solar Collectors: 45 (2513.7 ft2)
  • Anticipated Solar Fraction: 43%
  • Anticipated 15yr Energy Savings: $ 2,374,546
  • Install Completion Date: February 2011

Project Overview

The Westin Hotel in St. Maarten , U.S. Virgin Islands is yet another example of the match made in heaven when the hospitality industry pursues solar hot water. This 45 Collector system is not at the forefront of the hotel and government incentives were not at the forefront of the investment decision. The pure economic benefit of commercial solar hot water systems was enough to justify the project in an area where the sun is cheap and conventional energy sources are expensive. The ThermoPower system generates 43% of the energy used by the hotel’s central laundry facility. The SunMaxx Solar design is innovative, being the single largest evacuated tube drainback system in the world.

Project Details & Further Information

Building Details

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Building Information 
Type of Building Hotel / Resort (Laundry)
Year of Construction 1930

Solar System Details

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Solar System Details
Solar Thermal System Type Solar Hot Water
Installation Date February 2011
Energy Production (annual) 835568
Anticipated Solar Fraction 43%
Type of Solar Collectors Evacuated Tubes
Collector Model ThermoPower-VHP30
Quantity of Solar Collectors 45
Gross Area of Collectors (ft2) 2513.7 ft2
Type of Mounting System Free Standing
Storage Tank Capacity (g) 4000 G

Financial Details

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Anticipated Annual Savings
Annual Savings (year 1) $ 122160.04
Anticipated Cumulative Energy Savings (3% Annual Energy Price Increase)
5 Year Cumulative Savings $ 750917.77
10 Year Cumulative Savings $ 1502812.82
15 Year Cumulative Savings $ 2374546.87
20 Year Cumulative Savings $ 3385054.72

Solar System TSOL Energy Graph

SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Solar System Installed at Westin Resort, St. Marten TSOL Energy Graph
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