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Commercial Solar PV Systems

Commercial Solar PV Systems

Commercial Solar PV Systems

Grid-Tie Vs Off-Grid Systems

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There is one major difference between Grid-Tie commercial solar PV systems and Off-Grid commercial PV systems - with a Grid-Tie PV system, you are still connected to (and using) the electric utility...with an Off-Grid PV system, you are not.

Grid-Tie Solar PV Systems

Grid-Tie solar PV systems are incredibly popular with homeowners. A Grid-Tie PV system is still connected to the electric utility (so you will still get an electric bill).

A Grid-Tie PV system is designed to generate electricity for you to use during the day (when the sun is visible) - and pull electricity from the electric grid as needed (at night, when the sun is behind clouds, or when you are using more electricity than your system is producing).

The significant advantage of a Grid-Tie PV system is that any excess electricity you produce is sent out on to the electric grid (so that other customers can use it). To sweeten the deal, the electric company will credit / pay you for the electricity that you contribute. This is known as net-metering (and it is where the term "Spinning Your Meter Backwards" comes from).

Advantages Of Grid-Tie PV Systems Include:

  • Lower cost (smaller systems, no battery bank required)
  • Sizing flexibility (you can size your system to offset any portion of your electric bill)
  • Net-Metering (take advantage of credits and rebates from your electric company)
  • Take advantage of incentives (many of today's incentives require a Grid-Tie PV system)

Off-Grid Solar PV Systems

Off-Grid solar PV systems are exactly what they sound like - they are solar power systems that are not connected to the electric grid. An Off-Grid PV system includes a large battery bank on top of the other system components so that the excess electricity your system generates can be stored for use at night, or on cloudy days.

Off-Grid solar PV systems are ideal for a number of different applications, including:

  • Solar power for remote cabins and lodges
  • Portable solar power systems
  • Remote pumping and telecom applications
  • & much, much more

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of Off-Grid solar PV systems compared to Grid-Tie solar systems, including:

  • You are completely free of the electric company
  • You can have access to efficient power at any remote location
  • Requires the system to provide 100% of your power needs (larger systems & no flexibility)
  • Requires a large battery bank (to store the electricity you generate for later use)

Commercial Solar PV Incentives

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There are tons of great federal, state and local incentives available to help offset the cost of purchasing a new solar PV system for your bsuiness:

Federal Solar PV Incentives

The major federal solar PV incentives is an income tax credit that offsets 30% of the total cost of your new PV solar system. This 30% incentive is also uncapped, so you will always get the maximum credit for your purchase.

Here is an example of how much you can save with today's federal solar PV incentives:

System Cost: $100,000 | Federal Credit: 30% | Total Saved: $30,000| System Cost After Credit: $70,000

State & Local Solar PV Incentives

State and local incentives vary from state to state and city to city, but there are a variety of different incentives that are typically included (in various combinations):

  • State tax credit
  • Cash rebate
  • Sales tax exemptions
  • Property tax increase exceptions
  • Net-Metering (paying your for excess energy you contribute to the grid)
  • Accellerated Depreciation

(Note: most states and cities require Grid-Tie solar PV systems to qualify for many of the incentives)

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