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Coopers Cave Ale Company Solar Hot Water System

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Project Quick Reference

  • Customer: Coopers Cave Ale Company
  • Location: Glens Falls, NY
  • Building Type: Brewery
  • Solar System Type: Solar Hot Water
  • Type Of Solar Collectors: Flat Plates
  • Solar Collector Model: TitanPowerPlus-SU2
  • Qty Of Solar Collectors: 10 (214.2 ft2)
  • Anticipated Solar Fraction: 30%
  • Anticipated 15yr Energy Savings: $ 36000
  • Install Completion Date: July 2013

Project Overview

For Coopers Cave Ale Co., hot water is doubly essential. The Glens Falls operation offers as many as a dozen beers and ales at a time, brews up to 20 in a year, and includes a restaurant that seats up to 120. Brewing requires 80,000 gallons of water annually at 150 degrees for cleaning boiling pots, fermenters, racking equipment and the bottling system. The restaurant consumes 200,000 gallons annually at the same temperature, in part because its dishwasher runs 11 hours a day.

Ten solar collectors share space with the roof garden, feeding a 325-gallon holding tank downstairs. Inside the tank, a solar-heated mixture of water and glycol flows through the coils of a heat exchanger, continuously heating water in a separate coil. Water enters the building through two pipes under the sidewalk at 50 degrees year-round, and the solar hot water system preheats the water before it enters an electric water heater that slightly boosts the temperature for use.

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Project Details & Further Information

Building Details

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Building Information 
Type of Building Brewery

Solar System Details

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Solar System Details
Solar Thermal System Type Solar Hot Water
Installation Date July 2013
Energy Production (annual) 8097
Anticipated Solar Fraction 30%
Type of Solar Collectors Flat Plates
Collector Model TitanPowerPlus-SU2
Quantity of Solar Collectors 10
Gross Area of Collectors (ft2) 214.2 ft2
Type of Mounting System Free Standing
Storage Tank Capacity (g) 325 G

Financial Details

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Anticipated Annual Savings
Annual Savings (year 1) $ 1183.78
Anticipated Cumulative Energy Savings (3% Annual Energy Price Increase)
5 Year Cumulative Savings $ 7276.70
10 Year Cumulative Savings $ 14562.87
15 Year Cumulative Savings $ 23010.32
20 Year Cumulative Savings $ 32802.55

Press & Publicity

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Where It's Located

Solar System TSOL Energy Graph

Coopers Cave Ale Company Solar Hot Water System TSOL Energy Graph

Solar System Engineering Documents

Coopers Cave Ale Company Solar Hot Water System Engineering Docs
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