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HelioMaxx Combi Kits with Evacuated Tube Collectors and Non-Pressurized Solar Storage Tanks

HelioMaxx-VHP Combi with Non-Pressurized Tank kits include SunMaxx ThermoPower Evacuated Tube collector and a StorMaxx NP solar hot water storage tank of the appropriate size. HelioMaxx Systems have been engineered with quality,versatility and longevity in mind. Along with our comprehensive education and training program, we are your one stop shop to Solar Thermal. The HelioMaxx Combi-Systems are designed around the square footage of your home.


  • perfect for residential & small commercial solar domestic hot water and heating systems
  • Come in kit sizes from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet
  • Sizing has been based on the Northern US climate
  • Can be installed by a professional or DIY home & small business owners

Available Models:

Component HelioMaxxCombi-VHP-90-CTEC HelioMaxxCombi-VHP-120-CTEC HelioMaxxCombi-VHP-160-CTEC HelioMaxxCombi-VHP-180-CTEC
ThermoPower-VHP30 3 4 5 6
Storage Tank Capacity StorMaxx NP-2HX 275 G 328 G 415 G 533 G

System Component List:

  • ThermoPower-VHP30 Collectors
  • StorMaxx NP Storage Tank
  • UniMaxx-Plus XL or UniMaxx-Plus Pump Station (dependent on system)
  • Etank-s-16G Solar Expansion Tank
  • UniMaxx-HT Heating Module Pump Station
  • FlowMaxx-3480 Pre-insulated Stainless Steel Line Set
  • FlowMaxx-QC34M(8) Brass Line Set Fittings-Female Thread
  • FlowMaxx-QC34F(4) Brass Line Set Fittings-Male Thread
  • Collector Connection Hardware with air vent
  • Valve-Mixing-101AM-us-1 100-140F DHW Mixing Valve
  • Valve-3Way-1-S 3-Port Zone Valve

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