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HelioMaxx-FP Pro Pre-Packaged Kits Flat Plate Collectors

Professional Pre-Packaged Kits With Flat Plate Solar CollectorsHelioMaxx-FP Pro kits include SunMaxx TitanPowerPlus-SU2 collector(s), a commercial-grade UniMaxx pump station, and a StorMaxx solar hot water storage tank. In addition to the components in the basic kits, our Pro models are designed as your turnkey solution. The HelioMaxx-FP Pro includes all the plumbing components needed from the roof to the basement, incorporating our ever-popular FlowMaxx pre-insulated line set, 5 gallons of high temperature propylene glycol, and an anti-scald mixing valve. These are some of the most comprehensive kits on the market and include everything you need to do a full, quick and hassle-free installation.


  • Are perfect for residential & small commercial solar domestic hot water systems
  • Take all the engineering & sizing work out of the process
  • Used for new solar hot water installations & existing hot water system retrofits
  • Can be installed by a professional or DIY home & small business owners

Available Models:

System Gallons / Day # Of Collectors Tank Size
HelioMaxxPro-50FP 50 G SU2 x1 50 G
HelioMaxxPro-80FP 80 G SU2 x2 80 G
HelioMaxxPro-120FP 120 G SU2 x3 105 G

System Components:

Component 50FP 80FP 120FP
TitanPowerPlus-SU2 1 2 3
StorMaxxPTEC Storage Tank 50 G 80 G 105G
UniMaxx-Plus Pump Station 1 1 1
SmartMaxx-DHWPlus Digital Controller 1 1 1
5/8″ FlowMaxx Line Set 80 ft 80 ft 80 ft
6 G Solar Expansion Tank 1 1 1
Line Set Connectors 8 8 8
Line Set Mounting Clamps 8 8 8
High-Temperature Propylene Glycol 5 G 5 G 5 G
Anti-Scalding Mixing Valve 1 1 1

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