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Why Solar Is Great In New York

New York has only a a few challenges when it comes to solar energy.  First, is the climate - New York is a northern state with cold, long and often cloudy winters, which can chew into the performance of solar power systems in the state.  Additionally, New York sits on top of the nation's largest natural gas reserves, and if the Governor ever opens up drilling for this gas through the controversial method of fracking, the supply of natural gas would keep energy prices in the state low enough to keep widespread solar energy adoption out of the conversation.

Challenges For Solar In New York

New York has many advantages that make it a great state for solar energy.  A friendly legislature and Governor, as well as many large cities and suburbs that love the ideas of energy efficiency savings and/or green and renewable energy.  Additionally, New York has some great solar incentives which make it extremely affordable for New Yorkers to purchase a solar system and install it on their homes or businesses.

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