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OG-300 Certified Flat Plate & Evacuated Tube HelioMaxx Kits DW

Professional Pre-Packaged Kits With Flat Plate Solar CollectorsOG-300 Prepackaged Kits! HelioMaxx-FP Pro DW kits include SunMaxx TitanPowerPlus-SU2 collector(s), a commercial-grade UniMaxx pump station, and a StorMaxx solar hot water storage tank. In addition to the components in the basic kits, our Pro models are designed as your turnkey solution. The HelioMaxx-FP Pro includes all the plumbing components needed from the roof to the basement, incorporating our ever-popular FlowMaxx pre-insulated line set, 5 gallons of high temperature propylene glycol, and an anti-scald mixing valve. These are some of the most comprehensive kits on the market and include everything you need to do a full, quick and hassle-free installation.


  • Are perfect for residential & small commercial solar domestic hot water systems
  • Take all the engineering & sizing work out of the process
  • Used for new solar hot water installations & existing hot water system retrofits
  • Can be installed by a professional or DIY home & small business owners

How to Size?

  • Step 1: Determine the number of people in your household
  • Step 2: Determine the type of solar collector technology you would prefer to use on your home (flat plate or evacuated tube), flat plate kits are listed first with the evacuated tube kits following.
  • Step 3: Determine if you would like to install a new tank or use your existing tank. If you plan on using your existing tank, only select a model below which has “none” for seconday tank fuel. If you plan on having two tanks in your solar system, you will need to select a secondary tank depending on the fuel supply (electric or gas).
  • Step 4: Select your current tanks energy source (electric, or gas)
  • Step 5: Select the # of people which fit your household

Available Models: (Note Kit Sizes in first column)

SunMaxx Model # (Flat Plate) SRCC Number Solar Collector Type Primary Tank Fuel Secondary Tank Fuel Tank Size /
# of People
HelioMaxxPro-50FPDW 2010121A TitanPower Plus SU2 (1) None Electric 65 / 1-3
2010139A TitanPower Plus SU2 (1) None Gas 65 / 1-3
HelioMaxxPro-80FPDW 2010121B TitanPower Plus SU2 (2) None Electric 80 / 2-4
2010139B TitanPower Plus SU2 (2) None Gas 80 / 2-4
HelioMaxxPro-120FPDW 2010121C TitanPower Plus SU2 (3) None Electric 120 / 3-5
2010139C TitanPower Plus SU2 (3) None Gas 120 / 3-6
SunMaxx Model # (Evacuated Tube) SRCC Number Solar Collector Type Primary Tank Fuel Secondary Tank Fuel Tank Size /
# of People
HelioMaxxPro-50VHPDW 2010120A ThermoPower-VHP20 (1) None Electric 65 / 1-3
2010140A ThermoPower-VHP20 (1) None Gas 65 / 1-3
HelioMaxxPro-80VHPDW 2010140B ThermoPower-VHP30 (1) None Gas 80 / 2-4
2010120B ThermoPower-VHP30 (1) None Electric 80 / 2-4
HelioMaxxPro-120VHPDW 2010140C ThermoPower-VHP20 (2) None Gas 120 / 3-5
2010120C ThermoPower-VHP20 (2) None Electric 120 / 3-6

System Components:

Component 65 Gallon Kit 80 Gallon Kit 120 Gallon Kit
StorMaxxDW Storage Tank 65 G 80 G 119G
UniMaxx-Plus Pump Station 1 1 1
SmartMaxx-DHWPlus Digital Controller 1 1 1
3/4″ FlowMaxx Line Set 40 ft 40 ft 40 ft
6 G Solar Expansion Tank 1 1 1
Line Set Connectors 8 8 8
Line Set Mounting Clamps 8 8 8
High-Temperature Propylene Glycol 5 G 5 G 5 G
Anti-Scalding Mixing Valve 1 1 1

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