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OG-300 SunMaxx Solar Incentive Kit Outperforms the Competition

OG-300 SunMaxx Solar Incentive Kit Outperforms the Competition Main Image

Thanks to an upgraded performance rating from the SRCC, purchasing a SunMaxx solar thermal hot water heating system just became more affordable for California state residents.

The SunMaxx ButlerMaxx prepackaged solar hot water heating kit has long been an industry standard as a turnkey solution for heating hot water in residential applications. ButlerMaxx prepackaged kits utilize an innovative design which enables them to be adapted to virtually any pre-existing hot water heating system with a storage tank. Designed by Barry Butler, PhD, chair of the American Solar Energy Society’s Solar Thermal Division, the components of the system created a new standard for streamlined turnkey system design. When installed with SunMaxx evacuated tube collectors, this package set the bar for solar hot water systems, both in terms of heat output and ease of installation.

Many state rebate and incentive programs, such as those available in Arizona and New Jersey, require that solar hot water heating systems be OG-300 certified in order to qualify for any rebates or incentives. However, some states, such as California, also require a minimum performance rating in order to qualify. California residents and those in other states can now receive the maximum rebate from these programs thanks to an upgraded performance rating for the SunMaxx ButlerMaxx prepackaged solar hot water kit. This means that not only is the ButlerMaxx prepackaged kit one of the highest rated solar thermal systems in the industry, but also just became one of the most affordable. Customers purchasing a ButlerMaxx prepackaged kit can now benefit from a significantly smaller investment in a SunMaxx solar thermal system, a reduced payback model, and yet not sacrifice quality or system performance.

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