80 Gallon 1-4 People Boiler Backup Ptec Solar Hot Water Kit

80 Gallon 1-4 People Boiler Backup Ptec Solar Hot Water Kit

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HelioMaxxPro Boiler Backup DHW Kit – 80G / PTEC (Collectors Not Included)

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Incentives, Savings & Payback Information

Federal Incentive Cost After Incentive
30% $ 1200.00 $ 2799.99
*Your state may have incentives & additional savings. Call for details.
Your Heating Fuel Annual Savings Estimated Payback
#2 Fuel Oil $ 467.07 6.0 Years
Electricity $ 599.54 4.7 Years
Propane $ 429.29 6.5 Years
*Please Note: annual savings and estimated payback are only estimates based on certain assumptions. Real world performance and results may vary.
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Product Description

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Product Details & Specifications

# of People 1 - 4
Solar Collectors Included? No (Universal for all SunMaxx Collector Type)
Designed Domestic Hot Water Production 80 Gallons
Auxiliary Heat Source Boiler Backup
Design Hot Water Temperature 130 F
Required Installation Time 1-2 days (depending on experience)
Warranty 5 years (if installed by Authorized SunMaxx Installer)
Solar Storage Tank Area Required 24" x 67"
Wall Space Required for Pump Station 24" x 24"
Kit Required Power Supply 120v 60hz, 10A (Max)
Can do DIY Install? Yes (we recommend Authorized Installer to Assist)
Origin Made in USA
Manufacturer SunMaxx Solar

80 Gallon 1-4 People Boiler Backup Ptec Solar Hot Water Kit

The HelioMaxx Prepackaged solar hot water kits make going solar easier then ever before! Our HelioMaxx residential kits have been designed by the SunMaxx engineering team to provide domestic hot water for your home using the best engineering practices available word-wide. All kits include the main system components including the solar storage tank, piping, controller, pump station, and glycol.

Why SunMaxx Prepackaged Kits? 

Manufacturer Direct Quality and Pricing: we deliver the best products at the best price guaranteed.
Reliable Installers: We help you select an authorized reputable solar installer who has completed certified SunMaxx training courses.
Engineered for Excellence: All of our prepackaged kits have been engineered to under promise and over deliver.

Are the collectors included in the kit? 

The collectors are not included in our prepackaged kits. Why? Depending on your location we recommend different quantities and types of collectors. To determine the number of collectors please contact our office to speak with a sales technician.

What’s Inside

Item # Description Qty
FlowMaxx-A-58-34-M-NPT-V3 Fittings for Solar Piping System 8
FlowMaxx-A-58-ConnKit-V3 Fittings for Solar Piping System 1
FlowMaxx-IDL-V3-58-13mm-50FT-WC Dual Line Set Solar Insulated Piping 1
StorMaxx-PTec-80-2HX-v2 Solar Storage Tank (80 gallon) 1
UniMaxx-Plus-R-150-SCH-272406-WC Solar Pump Station + Controller 1
XMaxx-EXP-A-FITKIT-1_2IN Solar Expansion Tank Fitting Kit 1
XMaxx-EXP-LT-07G-1_2IN Solar Grade Expansion Tank 1
XMaxx-GLYCOL-XT-05G Solar Grade Bio safe glycol 1
XMaxx-HW-VALVE-BALL-3_4-F Solar Isolation valves 1
XMaxx-HW-VALVE-MIXING-3_4IN-S Solar Mixing Valve (Required by Code) 1


Additional Components Required:

Mounting system and collectors will need to be added to this kit. Additional connection fittings may be required to ensure your collectors can attached to the prepackaged kit components. Please call a sales rep today or submit a contact form. Typical system sizing takes 5-10 minutes over the phone.

How to Buy?

STEP 1: Call SunMaxx Solar at 1.877.786.6299, we select and design your system (5-10 minutes) 

STEP 2: We find a local authorized installer to help you on your installation!  (24 hours)

STEP 3: Purchase solar hot water system and have it installed by Authorized Installer! (3-5 days)



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