TitanPower-AU32 Solar Flat Plate Collector

TitanPower-AU32 Solar Flat Plate Collector

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TitanPower-AU32 Solar Flat Plate Collector

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Product Details & Specifications

BTU Output 34 kBtus per Day
kBtus per Square Foot of Collector 1.06 kBtus/day/ft^2
Frame Color Black
Glass Type Prismatic
Total Dry Weight 115 lbs
Gross Dimensions 95.9" x 47.95"
Depth 3.54"
Gross Area 31.94 Square Feet
Aperture Area 29.28 Square Feet
Fluid Capacity 1.4 Gallons
Recommended Flow Rate .79 Gallons per Minute
Max. Collectors/Row 7
Riser Tube Flow Pattern Double Header Parallel/Harp
Absorption/Emission 95% / 7%
Transmission of Glazing
Max Stagnation Temperature 383 F
Max Operation Pressure 145 psi
Recommended Heat Transfer Fluid

TitanPower – AU32 Solar Flat Plate Collector

Tubing Grid
1/2” copper risers are brazed to 1” copper mainfolds for optimal flow distribution.

Aluminum Foil
Attached to the insulation acts as a barrier against out-gasing.

Solar Glass Glazing
A single pane of 1/8” thick solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and tempered to maximize strength and durability.
*Solar transmittance: 92%

Back Plate
High-Density Polyethylene Backing: Reduces torque in the frame is lightweight and eliminates the possibility of any electrolysis issues for maximum benefit.

1-3/16” polyisocyanurate foam cast under and around the side of the absorber plate retains the heat of the
water in the collector. CFC-free rigid urethane meets U.S. and European standards.

All aluminum extrusion casings create a sleek framewall. Unique extruded profile allows easy anchoring to the roof (shingle tile tar) or collector stands.

All-around TPE (thermoplastic elastometer) gasket. Highly resistant to temperature differences and UV radiation. Absorbs the differential expansion of frame and glazing.


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