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SunMaxx Solar Residential SHW Installation in Auburn, CA

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Project Quick Reference

  • Customer: Lois Croman Residence
  • Location: Auburn, CA
  • Building Type: Resdential
  • Solar System Type: DHW, Space/Pool/Spa Heating
  • Type Of Solar Collectors: Evacuated Tubes
  • Solar Collector Model: ThermoPower-VHP30
  • Qty Of Solar Collectors: 4 (223.44 ft2)
  • Anticipated Solar Fraction: 60%
  • Anticipated 15yr Energy Savings: $ 0
  • Install Completion Date: July 2012

Project Overview

In July of 2012, a residential solar thermal system was installed for Lois Croman in Auburn, California.  Casey Clarke, of NuSolar Technologies, installed the solar hot water system using SunMaxx Solar equipment.

The system uses four ThermoPower VHP30 solar collectors which are flush mounted as well as a 211 Gallon Storage Tank.  This cost effective investment will replace her old system which utilized propane.  The new solar thermal system will provide her domestic hot water, space heating and pool & spa heating.  The solar fraction of this system is 60%.  And she took advantage of the 30% federal tax credit for homeowners who have a qualified solar thermal system installed.   Now she’s enjoying all of the benefits of solar thermal energy!


Project Details & Further Information

Building Details

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Building Information 
Type of Building Resdential

Solar System Details

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Solar System Details
Solar Thermal System Type DHW, Space/Pool/Spa Heating
Installation Date July 2012
Energy Production (annual)
Anticipated Solar Fraction 60%
Type of Solar Collectors Evacuated Tubes
Collector Model ThermoPower-VHP30
Quantity of Solar Collectors 4
Gross Area of Collectors (ft2) 223.44 ft2
Type of Mounting System Flush Mount
Storage Tank Capacity (g) 211 G

Financial Details

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Anticipated Annual Savings
Annual Savings (year 1) $ 0
Anticipated Cumulative Energy Savings (3% Annual Energy Price Increase)
5 Year Cumulative Savings $ 0.00
10 Year Cumulative Savings $ 0.00
15 Year Cumulative Savings $ 0.00
20 Year Cumulative Savings $ 0.00
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