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You don’t have to take our word about SunMaxx solar thermal collectors and systems! Get the low-down on SunMaxx solar thermal systems, kits and more direct from the people who matter most…our valued customers – all on video for you to sit down, watch and get a feel for how SunMaxx can help you today.

SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Installation At Coopers Cave Brewery

Coopers Cave Installs SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System

VIDEO: SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System At Allenwaite Farms


One Year Later, New York Resident Realizes Solar Thermal System Payback

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York resident, Peter N., installed a SunMaxx Solar Thermal Hot Water system in his home. One year later, he is truly seeing the payback in going solar. Peter cannot hold his excitement to himself. He tells us he has shared the amazing news with all his neighbors. He says, “the system provides over 90% of our hot water needs outside of the heating season. During the heating season, the system also supplements radiant heating.” Not only that, this Middleport resident also qualified for New York’s state and federal rebates. The system initially cost $7,635, and Peter claims […]

SunMaxx Installation Testimonial by John Semmler

Installed a Solar Hot Water System at the house of John Semmler. The system takes care of his hot water and heats his indoor pool. Here is a brief testimonial from John Semmler about his solar install of SunMaxx Solar Vacuum Heat Pipe collectors. Check it out!

Father Gordon Installs Solar Thermal Thermosyphon System on His Home

Join us as we talk briefly with Father Gordon about his Thermosyphon System installed at his residential home. Video Transcript SunMaxx Solar testimonial with Father Gordon Todd: Hi this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar, here in Sidney, New York, doing a little solar tour. We happened to run into our very own Father Gordon from the Sacred Heart Parish. Father Gordon was one of our early customers back then. A few years ago he installed a couple of thermal siphons. Father Gordon: Two years and a summer, yes. Todd: Very good. He installed a couple of thermal siphons. One’s […]

Dr. Benham and the Solar Thermal System on His Home

Join us as we talk with Dr. Stephen Benham and discuss the importance of his system. Video Transcript SunMaxx Testimonial with Dr. Stephen Benham Todd: Hi this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar, continuing with our Sidney New York Solar Tour. This is one of the pioneers, Dr. Stephen Benham…one of the SunMaxx certified installers installed for him a 180-square foot solar thermal system tied into two tanks. He’s got a 275 (gallon) non-pressurized tank, and an 80-gallon pressurized tank. He’s got four collectors on the roof and two on the ground. Here’s Dr. Benham right now, so thanks for […]

George and the Solar Thermal System Install on His Apartment Building In Sidney NY

Join us as we talk with George Edwards in Sidney, NY to talk about the solar thermal system installed on his apartment building. George talks about installing the system himself and the support he received from SunMaxx Solar wall installing his solar thermal system. Video Transcript SunMaxx Testimonial with George Edwards Todd: Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar, continuing the Sidney Solar Tour. We ran into another homeowner, George Edwards, who installed the system on his own. It was a pretty big undertaking for anybody, let alone someone who wasn’t necessarily a certified installer. I don’t know, I can’t think of […]

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