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What Is The Difference Between Flat Plates And Evacuated Tube Collectors?

What is the difference between Flat Plates and Evacuated Tube Collectors? While both types of collectors capture the suns energy and convert it to hot water each have there own advantages. Evacuated Tube Collectors are best used in northern climates where freezing can occur and can be utilized in areas where temperatures drop down to -60°F. Evacuated Tubes are are extremely efficient by virtue of the Tubes themselves. Each Evacuated Tube is hermetically sealed meaning it is highly insulated due to the fact that it is a sealed atmosphere nearly impervious to outside temperatures. Evacuated tubes can also be replaced […]

SunMaxx Solar Installs Solar Thermal System at the Delta House in Brooklyn, New York

In 2012, SunMaxx Solar in conjunction with Voltaic Solaire completed a solar hot water installation at The Delta House in Brooklyn, New York . The Installation, which was contracted and designed by Green developer Mark Robinson at Voltaic Solaire, used 4 ThermoPower VDF’s, 2 TitanPowerPlus SU2’s, and a 120 G dual coil Ptec tank which was used as a pre-heat for an on demand hot water heater. The DHW in this system is being used primarily for two apartments in the Delta building, one studio apartment and one 2-bedroom triplex. This is the first mixed-use private development in New York […]

SunMaxx Solar Partners with Voltaic Solaire to Install Solar Thermal System in New York City’s First Self-Powered Building Located in Brooklyn, New York

For Immediate Release—May 29, 2012—Binghamton, New York–SunMaxx Solar, a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, is pleased to announce the installation of a solar thermal system at The Delta House in Brooklyn, New York. The install, which was designed by Green developer Voltaic Solaire, is the first mixed-use private development in New York City to combine solar and wind energy, meeting 100% of The Delta’s energy needs—generating its own electricity, hot water and heat. The Solar Thermal Panels gracing the exterior of The Delta, that provides beautiful form as well as solar thermal function, were designed […]

How do I decide between Flat plate and Evacuated tube?

This will be a debate well in to the future. For an more in-depth review please watch this Click here to watch this 1/2 hour webinar. Your decision should be based primarily on the following considerations: 1- Temperature demand– What is you existing application? EVT’s will outperform FP’s at higher temp load. 2- Climate location- In a general sense, flat plates have more value than evacuated tubes in warmer climates and EVT’s will do better in cold, cloudy climates. 3-Aesthetics appeal– This is where there is no “right” answer. Instead, each person has their own personal view. We recommend that […]

SRCC Certification for SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors recently completed their SRCC Testing & Certification Process. SRCC Testing & Certification have proven that SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are the most efficient collectors available, and produce more BTU per day than the leading national competitors, all for hundreds of dollars less. And, SRCC Certification makes SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors applicable for all Federal and State Solar Incentives, Tax Credits and Rebates.

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