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SunMaxx Solars ThermoPower VHP 30 Evacuated Tubes at the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

In September 2009, SunMaxx Solar was pleased to provide the evacuated tube solar collectors for the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center on the Cornell University Campus.  Under the direction of M/E Engineering, who were responsible for the mechanical design, the welcome center used 8 ThermoPower evacuated tubes from SunMaxx Solar, which they roof mounted.  The collectors are connected to the building’s hot water system and the heating system for the building is primarily in floor hot water radiant heat.

SunMaxx Solar Installs Solar Thermal System at Cornell CCHP

SunMaxx Solar Installed a Solar Thermal System at Cornell University using 16 collectors, 480 Tubes, and SunMaxx Solar Evacuated Tubes. The combined heat and waste plant at Cornell Utilizes Evacuated tubes to produce domestic hot water as well as supplement space heating requirements across various buildings on campus.

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