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SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Solar System Installed at Westin Resort, St. Marten

The Westin Hotel in St. Maarten , U.S. Virgin Islands is yet another example of the match made in heaven when the hospitality industry pursues solar hot water. This 45 Collector system is not at the forefront of the hotel and government incentives were not at the forefront of the investment decision. The pure economic benefit of commercial solar hot water systems was enough to justify the project in an area where the sun is cheap and conventional energy sources are expensive. The ThermoPower system generates 43% of the energy used by the hotel’s central laundry facility. The SunMaxx Solar […]

SunMaxx Solar Installs Solar Thermal System at Grand Hyatt Hotel

SunMaxx Solar installed a Solar Thermal System to The Grand Hyatt Hotel which provides heat & hot water, and a heated swimming pool to the facility. 60 Collectors, 1800 tubes and SunMaxx Solar Evacuated Tubes were used in the installation.

St. Regis Hotel Solar Thermal System Installation

In 2009 , SunMaxx Solar completed a Solar Installation at the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen , Colorado. The install which used 52 collectors and 1560 SunMaxx Solar Evacuated Tubes , provides a complete heat source to all areas of the hotel including the swimming pools , heat for the facility and hot water.

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