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Can I Mount Solar Thermal Collectors On A Flat Roof Without Roof Penetrations?

Can I Mount Solar Thermal Collectors On A Flat Roof Without Roof Penetrations? Yes you can. Collectors can be attached to our ballast system, which uses the weight of standard patio blocks to hold the collectors in place. Wind load calculations must be done by an engineer to conform to local building codes. With the proper weight attached, collectors will stay in place without putting any holes in the roof. This has been done with our evacuated tube collectors and our flat plates. Flat plates obviously have a much higher wind resistance, and therefore require greater weight to hold them […]

How Can I Match Up Collector Connections On A Roof With The Rafters?

How Can I Match Up Collector Connections On A Roof With The Rafters?

SunMaxx Solar TitanPower 4×8 Glazed Flat-Plate Collectors Receive SRCC Certification and Rank Second Highest in the Solar Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—June 12, 2012– Binghamton, New York–SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components is pleased to announce that the SRCC (Solar Rating Certification Corporation) has completed testing of the company’s new SunMaxx TitanPower and TitanPower Plus brand private labeled glazed flat-plate collectors which have received certification on the AA3 models. The SRCC found the 4×8 TitanPower collectors to be the second most efficient on the market, with 36.5 K BTU per day under SCRR “C” conditions. The TitanPower AA3 and TitanPower Plus AA3 collectors are manufactured using noble materials and offer an unmatched level […]

Collector Orientation: Sun Paths Follow Up

Data Acquisition Systems for PV with Francine Notte

EVT’s Part 2 – The Science of Evacuated Tubes

EVT’s Part 1 – The Science of Evacuated Tubes

The TitanPower plus SU Series of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate VS Evacuated Tubes

Flat Plate VS Evacuated Tubes

SunMaxx Solar’s 4 ft x 8 ft. Titan Power Plus Flat Plate Collector Made in USA

TitanPowerPlus-SU3 Premium Flat Plate Collector is Buy America Compliant! SunMaxx Solar announces the upcoming TitanPower Plus SU 3.0 Series Flat Plate Collectors. SunMaxx Solar will be offering the 3.0 model for delivery starting on October 1st 2011 * . Product will be made available for sale starting August 11th 2011. The TitanPower Plus SU 3.0 Flat Plate Collector combines the high efficiency construction of the smaller versions combined with the industry standard size of 4 x 8 ft. in addition to its high efficiency, the 3.0 collector is offered with a standard 12 year warranty and extended 20 year performance […]

TitanPower Plus SU Series 20 Year Extended Flat Plate Collector Warranty

August 1st 2011 – SunMaxx Solar now offers their 20 Year TitanPower Plus SU Series Extended Warranty Program. Combining over 30 years of collective collector manufacturing experience, the TitanPower Plus SU Series collector offers combined German, Austrian and American Engineering! SunMaxx Solar’s Extended Warranty program guarantees the collector’s output, leading the way in the solar thermal industry. Under the new extended warranty program you can rest easy knowing your collectors will perform as well if not better than your existing roof. More Quality: All TitanPower Plus SU Series collectors are backed by our industry leading 12 year product warranty. Invest […]

SunMaxx Solars ThermoPower VHP 30 Evacuated Tubes at the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

In September of 2009 SunMaxx Solar was pleased to be selected to provide the evacuated tubes for the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center on the Cornell University Campus. Under the direction of M/E Engineering, who were responsible for the mechanical design, the welcome center used 8 ThermoPower-VHP30 evacuated tubes from SunMaxx Solar on the roof of the Welcome Center. “The collectors are connected to the building’s heating water system.  The heating system for the building is primary in floor hot water radiant heat. “ according to Chad Fikes of M./E Engineering. Once completed the system was reviewed by Intelligent Green Solutions […]

What is the best angle to position my collectors?

This answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For simple Domestic Hot Water systems you should try and position you collectors at the same angle as your latitude. For systems that are tied into the home heating system, as in a combisystem, you should position you collectors 15 degrees higher than your latitude. For summertime use only systems, as in a pool system, you should position your collectors at your latitude minus 15 degrees. For systems that have a high solar fraction, i.e. 75% or greater, you should increase the angle of incline in order to decrease your […]

What is more important, postioning the collectors for maximum aesthetic appeal or maximum solar gain?

Do you want to make this system perform to its highest ability or should it look nice and fit the architecture of the house? We have all seen those albatrosses on the roof that are cantilevered at a compound angle to get a few extra BTU’s at the cost of aesthetic appeal. Here are some guidelines to consider when deciding what is most important in determining collector orientation and inclination. For most collectors, tubes or flat plates, the angle of inclination has a 30 degree window of variation and the performance will still be within 95% of the expected maximum. […]

Is it possible to melt snow off of my collectors?

Yes it is. Depending on your type of collector, you can program your controller to manually activate the circulator which will bring heat from your storage vessel and into the collectors, which will radiate that heat back out thus melting the snow. This method only works for FLAT PLATES however and will usually take as much energy as it makes. When the sun is out in full force, the rays passing through thge snow are typically enough to create substantial heat that in turn, melts the snow on flat plates. For Evacuated tubes however, there is very little you can […]

How do I decide between Flat plate and Evacuated tube?

This will be a debate well in to the future. For an more in-depth review please watch this Click here to watch this 1/2 hour webinar. Your decision should be based primarily on the following considerations: 1- Temperature demand– What is you existing application? EVT’s will outperform FP’s at higher temp load. 2- Climate location- In a general sense, flat plates have more value than evacuated tubes in warmer climates and EVT’s will do better in cold, cloudy climates. 3-Aesthetics appeal– This is where there is no “right” answer. Instead, each person has their own personal view. We recommend that […]

How do I attach solar panels to my shingle roof without causing leaks?

Our ConnectMaxx roof hooks are designed for any roof. We suggest that each be attached directly into a rafter using two Simpson Strong-Drive screws. Roof caulk can be used to seal these penetrations. (One installer we know used butyl rubber.) Our concave X-mount flashing then fits securely over the roof hook and under the shingles for a weatherproof connection. All of our collectors can be mounted using these roof hooks.

How well will my collectors perform if they are not positioned perfectly?

Fortunately, solar thermal collectors are not nearly as sensitive to light conditions as PV collectors. As for performance, you have roughly a 60 degree window of opportunity to mount the collectors toward south before you begin losing a small bit of total production. In other words, your house can be situated 30 to the east of true south or 30 degrees to the west of true south and your performance will still be at or above 95%. As far as tilt angle goes, this window opportunity is slightly smaller but still you can have a roof pitched about 20 degrees […]

Flat Plate vs. Evacuated Tubes 03.21.2011

Todd Paternoster gives us a completely unbiased look at the difference of the two types of solar thermal collectors helping you to decide which one is right for you.

The Effects Of Snow On Solar Thermal Collector Performance

Watch as Ed gives an excellent demonstration on how snow and winter climates affect the SunMaxx Solar ThermoPower hot water collectors! ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Product Page Product Brochures ThermoPower VHP Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors ThermoPower VDF Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Project Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Installation ThermoPower-VHP Heat Pipe Collectors ThermoPower-VDF U-Pipe Collectors Thermosyphon Installation Guide Certification SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP10 SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP20 SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP25 SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP30 Keymark Certification Testing Data

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