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What Is The Difference Between Flat Plates And Evacuated Tube Collectors?

What is the difference between Flat Plates and Evacuated Tube Collectors? While both types of collectors capture the suns energy and convert it to hot water each have there own advantages. Evacuated Tube Collectors are best used in northern climates where freezing can occur and can be utilized in areas where temperatures drop down to -60°F. Evacuated Tubes are are extremely efficient by virtue of the Tubes themselves. Each Evacuated Tube is hermetically sealed meaning it is highly insulated due to the fact that it is a sealed atmosphere nearly impervious to outside temperatures. Evacuated tubes can also be replaced […]

SunMaxx Solar TitanPowerPlus AU32 Receives SRCC Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 – Binghamton, NY – SunMaxx Solar, a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, is pleased to announce that the company’s solar collector, TitanPowerPlus AU32’s performance has been SRCC rated to produce 34.5 thousand Btu per panel per day on a C-rating (sunny) day. The TitanPowerPlus AU32 flat plate solar collectors feature cutting-edge technical design constructed with the highest quality materials to provide optimal performance and durability while remaining affordable to maximize return on investment. The TitanPowerPlus AU32’s design offers reduced reflection and resistance to temperature fluctuations. The Solar Rating and […]

SunMaxx Solar TitanPower 4×8 Glazed Flat-Plate Collectors Receive SRCC Certification and Rank Second Highest in the Solar Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—June 12, 2012– Binghamton, New York–SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components is pleased to announce that the SRCC (Solar Rating Certification Corporation) has completed testing of the company’s new SunMaxx TitanPower and TitanPower Plus brand private labeled glazed flat-plate collectors which have received certification on the AA3 models. The SRCC found the 4×8 TitanPower collectors to be the second most efficient on the market, with 36.5 K BTU per day under SCRR “C” conditions. The TitanPower AA3 and TitanPower Plus AA3 collectors are manufactured using noble materials and offer an unmatched level […]

SunMaxx Solar Installs Solar Thermal System at Ft. Hood

In the Summer of 2011, SunMaxx Solar in conjunction with Johnson Controls and Intelligent Green Solutions (IGS) completed the installation of a Solar Thermal System at Fort Hood, one of the world’s largest Military bases located in Killeen, Texas.  A total of 93 TitanPowerPlus SU2 series flat plate collectors were installed across five buildings, in addition to solar pumping stations and storage tanks. Each building was also outfitted with a custom ballasted drain‐back mounting system designed specifically for the US Military. This solar thermal system was installed for a domestic hot water heating system, which will pre‐heat water for five of Fort Hood’s dining […]

The TitanPower plus SU Series of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate VS Evacuated Tubes

Flat Plate VS Evacuated Tubes

SunMaxx Solar’s 4 ft x 8 ft. Titan Power Plus Flat Plate Collector Made in USA

TitanPowerPlus-SU3 Premium Flat Plate Collector is Buy America Compliant! SunMaxx Solar announces the upcoming TitanPower Plus SU 3.0 Series Flat Plate Collectors. SunMaxx Solar will be offering the 3.0 model for delivery starting on October 1st 2011 * . Product will be made available for sale starting August 11th 2011. The TitanPower Plus SU 3.0 Flat Plate Collector combines the high efficiency construction of the smaller versions combined with the industry standard size of 4 x 8 ft. in addition to its high efficiency, the 3.0 collector is offered with a standard 12 year warranty and extended 20 year performance […]

TitanPower Plus SU Series 20 Year Extended Flat Plate Collector Warranty

August 1st 2011 – SunMaxx Solar now offers their 20 Year TitanPower Plus SU Series Extended Warranty Program. Combining over 30 years of collective collector manufacturing experience, the TitanPower Plus SU Series collector offers combined German, Austrian and American Engineering! SunMaxx Solar’s Extended Warranty program guarantees the collector’s output, leading the way in the solar thermal industry. Under the new extended warranty program you can rest easy knowing your collectors will perform as well if not better than your existing roof. More Quality: All TitanPower Plus SU Series collectors are backed by our industry leading 12 year product warranty. Invest […]

SunMaxx Solar Donates Solar Flat Plates to Sidney High School

Sydney, NY May 5, 2011 SunMaxx Solar has once again partnered with Sidney High School to help create awareness in the Solar energy field. Science Teachers Rich Townsend and Jay Waltz from Sidney High School have been awarded a grant for the purchase and implementation of a solar hot water heating system as well as a solar lighting system from SunMaxx to help heat the science trailer during the winter months. The goal of the project is to begin training our students in the renewable energy field. Solar heating systems will become immensely popular in the US and Sidney High […]

SunMaxx Solar Donates Solar Flat Plates to Two Texas Schools

Fort Hood, TX March 31, 2011 SunMaxx Solar donated seven SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate collectors on March 24, 2011 at Fort Hood’s welcome center. SunMaxx Solar CEO Adam Farrell presented the flat plate collectors to Central Texas College and Killeen High School at the private event. Chairman Mark Winans of the Electronics Department accepted the donation of four solar flat plate collectors on behalf of Central Texas College. The four flat plates, valued at $1,987, will be used for various educational projects that will be offered by the college. The Principal accepted the donation of three solar flat plate […]

SunMaxx Solar Flat Plates Successfully Installed at the Legendary Harvard Yard

Cambridge, MA USA (March 17, 2011) – SunMaxx Solar is proud to announce the successful installation of SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate collectors at Harvard University’s Harvard Yard. The solar system was built atop the Canaday Hall building as part of a larger system that provides hot water to all of the buildings within Harvard Yard. Installed,engineered and designed by the SunMaxx Solar authorized installer LittleFoot Energy Corporation, who served as the prime contractor on the project, the collector array will provide approximately 773 MMBTU/year, which is an estimated 30% solar fraction. The more than 3,200 square feet of SunMaxx […]

How do I decide between Flat plate and Evacuated tube?

This will be a debate well in to the future. For an more in-depth review please watch this Click here to watch this 1/2 hour webinar. Your decision should be based primarily on the following considerations: 1- Temperature demand– What is you existing application? EVT’s will outperform FP’s at higher temp load. 2- Climate location- In a general sense, flat plates have more value than evacuated tubes in warmer climates and EVT’s will do better in cold, cloudy climates. 3-Aesthetics appeal– This is where there is no “right” answer. Instead, each person has their own personal view. We recommend that […]

Flat Plate vs. Evacuated Tubes 03.21.2011

Todd Paternoster gives us a completely unbiased look at the difference of the two types of solar thermal collectors helping you to decide which one is right for you.

Titan Power-Plus 2.4 by SunMaxx Solar is now Certified

December 9, 2010 SunMaxx Solar just received the new Solar Rating and OG-100 Certification for our Flat Plate Collector the TitanPower Plus SU2 2.4! The SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 2.4 is the most technologically advanced and efficient flat plate produced by SunMaxx to date. Its ultrasonic welded high-density copper absorber and TiNOX selective coating enable it to deliver an astounding 81% efficiency based on absorber area. This double harp style collector’s innovative mounting system also provides the versatility needed for residential, commercial, and drainback applications. SunMaxx Solar is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of turnkey solar thermal solutions […]

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