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Featured in Sun and Wind Energy Magazine – SunMaxx Solar and GEO-Tec Solar Industries Announce Partnership

SUN & WIND ENERGY has been published since 2003 and provides profound world news, comprehensive market surveys and exclusive company profiles, all within the fields of solar thermal, photovoltaics, wind energy and biomass. Since 2009 SUN & WIND ENERGY has been published monthly with a circulation of 25,000 copies. This month (September, 2010) an article discussing the alliance between SunMaxx Solar and Geo-Tec can be found in SUN & WIND ENERGY magazine. The brief write up discusses the terms of the partnership, the CEO’s of each company (Picture inset) and information on what this partnership means for both companies and […]

SunMaxx Solar and GEO-Tec Solar Industries Announce Partnership – Bringing together European and North American Solar Theremal Technology

San Francisco, CA USA (July 13, 2010) –North America’s solar thermal innovator, SunMaxx Solar, and one of Europe’s most experienced solar thermal manufacturers, GEO-TEC Solar Industries, announced their international partnership at Intersolar North America in San Francisco. The cooperation bridges SunMaxx Solar’s evacuated tube solar technology with GEO-TEC Solar Industries state of the art flat panel collector line. The comprehensive SunMaxx Solar product portfolio will be complemented by GEO-TEC Solar Industries leading European system components including storage tanks, controllers, mounting systems and prepackaged pump stations. Adam Farrell, SunMaxx Solar CEO, stated, “Our customers and dealers will benefit the most from […]

Silicon Solar & Sidney High School Partnership

The recent partnership between Silicon Solar Inc, manufacturer of SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Systems and Sidney High School has attracted the attention of the New York Media. The Daily Star, Oneonta NY’s daily newspaper recently featured an article by Staff Writer Mark Boshnack, which outlined and applauded the partnership and its benefits to the students of Sidney High School and the education system across the United States.

Sidney High School Partners With Silicon Solar Inc

Sidney High School, a small school in Upstate New York, was recently given a state-of-the-art SunMaxx Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System. The Solar System, which incorporates a solar collector and an integrated solar hot water storage tank, is widely used for its economic and ecological benefits in countries around the world, but will be used for educational purposes at Sidney High School.

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