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SunMaxx Solar Educator John Maliwacki takes a look at Solar Thermal Systems in the July/August 2012 issue of North American Clean Energy Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–Thursday, June 28, 2012 –Binghamton, New York–SunMaxx Solar’s educator, John Maliwacki has a featured article in the July / August 2012 issue of North American Clean Energy Magazine, on stands now. Maliwacki’s article entitled, The “Other” Type of Solar – A Look at Solar Thermal Systems, gives insights on the distinct advantages of solar thermal vs. solar electric, the internal workings of solar hot water systems, and the prominence of solar thermal in the United States and around the world. John Maliwacki notes, “It was a great honor to write an article in partnership with North American Clean […]

Will I be able to get some individual help if I need it?

Small classes which run about 10 to 15 students allow for more individual attention. The instructors provide students with email addresses and in some cases cell phone numbers so anything that the student still has problems with which hasn’t been resolved in class can be discussed by email or by cell phone.

How a Solar Thermal System Works

The SunMaxx Solar Dealer Portal

A look at the huge amount of resources instantly accessible online to SunMaxx Solar dealers and how to access them

Solar Hot Water Steamback 08.08.2011

Join John as he discusses: What happens when a closed loop system stagnates and should I worry about it?

Energy Transfer 08.01.2011

Join John as he discusses radiation, conduction, and convection: the science behind solar thermal systems.

Amazing facts about the solar resource and how a solar cell works 07.18.2011

Join Fran Notte of ETM Solar for this webinar that explores the enormity of the solar resource with astronomical facts and statistical demonstrations of the amount of energy emanating from the sun. It explains how the planet can be powered exclusively by the sun’s energy. Included is a brief explanation of how a solar cell is constructed and how it uses the sun’s energy to convert sunlight into electricity.

SunMaxx Product Overview 06.20.2011

SunMaxx has it all! Join John Maliwacki as he explains the vast SunMaxx Solar product offerings and their attributes. Storage Tanks, Evacuated Tubes and Flat Plates, oh my!

Steam, Dump or Drain 03.28.2011

There is a heated debate in the solar thermal industry regarding what to do with excess production and freeze protection. This webinar, presented by Todd Paternoster will boil down the basics of solar thermal system design so that no matter what, your system will not overheat or freeze.

Hosting US Solar Thermal Tour

An acclaimed solar thermal manufacturer and distributor is launching the “High Efficiency Revolution” tour across major chunks of Texas in April and May 2011. The solar thermal tour will begin on April 26, 2011 and conclude on May 9th 2011.  The tour will make stops in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, College Station and other smaller cities throughout the two-week stretch.

What can I do with excess energy in the summer?

Three choices- Steam, Drain or Dump.  For most places in the US, there will be more solar gain in the summer than in the winter. This occurs during a time when your load is lowest, so that means EXCESS HEAT. You must deal with this if you are to design and/build a solar thermal system that stands the test of time. Steamback system- this system design will allow for the steaming of your heat transfer fluid during times when the pump is off. Normally this is somethin you try and avoid, but if designed properly you can use the steam […]

Is it possible to melt snow off of my collectors?

Yes it is. Depending on your type of collector, you can program your controller to manually activate the circulator which will bring heat from your storage vessel and into the collectors, which will radiate that heat back out thus melting the snow. This method only works for FLAT PLATES however and will usually take as much energy as it makes. When the sun is out in full force, the rays passing through thge snow are typically enough to create substantial heat that in turn, melts the snow on flat plates. For Evacuated tubes however, there is very little you can […]

How do I know if my system is performing the way it should be?

First of all, your system performance will be measured by BTU’S produced, NOT by temperature achieved. The simplest way to accomplish this is by following this method: 1- Record your solar tank temperature first thing in the morning, before the solar pump turns on. 2- be sure that no one uses hot water during this day. 3-Record your solar tank temperature at the end of the “solar” day 4-Perform this calculation to determine total btu’s produced Change in tank temp Deg F x Total gallons in tank x 8.3 = total btu prod/day 5-View the SRCC certificate for estimated performance […]

How do I size a solar hot water system for my household?

Typically, an american average consumption of 20 gallons of hot water per day per person can be used to size systems. There are some variations in that however so we need to be careful about just using rules of thumb. For most of the Sunmaxx TitanPower Flat plates and Thermopower Evacuated tubes will yield about 2 gallons of hot water per FT2 of collector. Therefore, we can say that for a family of 3, we would recommend about 30 ft of collector. This estimate will vary depending on the part of the world you are from. If you live in […]

How well will my collectors perform if they are not positioned perfectly?

Fortunately, solar thermal collectors are not nearly as sensitive to light conditions as PV collectors. As for performance, you have roughly a 60 degree window of opportunity to mount the collectors toward south before you begin losing a small bit of total production. In other words, your house can be situated 30 to the east of true south or 30 degrees to the west of true south and your performance will still be at or above 95%. As far as tilt angle goes, this window opportunity is slightly smaller but still you can have a roof pitched about 20 degrees […]

Can I tie a solar thermal system into my existing system?

Yes, you sure can. There are very few systems in the US that will not accept a solar thermal upgrade, The only exception would be a steam system. Whether you have forced hot air, boiler with baseboard, sub-floor radiant, in-floor radiant or wall heaters you can very easily integrate a solar thermal system upgrade. We have systems that are designed for every possible option for you, the only question is- are you ready to start saving money and lower your carbon footprint?

Simulating Performance of Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems will behave differently depending on a few variables such as, the obvious, location but also angle of tilt (slope off horizon), orientation angle, temperature of inlet fluid and also daily ambient temperature. We can calculate the efficiency of collectors for various times throughout the day but given the dynamic nature of production vs. consumption, it is better to use simulation software to accomplish this. At Sunmaxx, we use Polysun Simulation Software . By using this software, we can very easily ascertain the estimated performance during the course of the year. If you are looking to get some […]

Reducing fuel bills and increasing solar thermal output

Q: What is the best way to reduce my fuel bills by incorporating a solar thermal system? A:Reduction +Reduction = Reduction This should come at no surprise to any of our readers but the single best way to save money on energy bills is by reducing your consumption. It is surprising to me still, to find that at least 90% of homeowners that purchase a solar thermal system to reduce their energy bills have made no other provisions for energy reduction. By simply changing shower heads and turning set point temperature by 5 degrees, a homeowner can reduce their DHW […]

Setting your solar thermal system differential temperature setpoint.

Q:What is the most appropriate differential temperature for my solar thermal system? A: The factory setting on our controllers is 12 Degrees. This will work fine but for northern climates it is better to have a delta T of 17 Degrees. This will allow the collector to heat up sufficiently so as to not turn the pump on and off early in the cold mornings. In warmer climates, say mid-latitude and below you can keep the factory setting at 12 deg F.

SunMaxx Solar Announces New Solar Thermal Logistics Center in Binghamton, NY

SunMaxx Solar announces their new logistics center located in the Binghamton, NY triple cities area near IBM’s original headquarters! The new logistics center will bring added savings and improved deliverer times to all customers located in the Northern states. In 2011, SunMaxx Solar will maintain larger inventory levels of all items based on feedback from our customers in 2010. Mr. Farrell, CEO of SunMaxx Solar and Mr. Mischensky, CEO of GEO-TEC Solar Industries will continue to develop their northeastern operations to improve logistics and customer support. The facility will be in full operation December 27th, 2010.

How do I remove air from my system?

Question: How do I remove air from my system? Answer: Take a deep breath and let all your air out… of your Solar thermal system One of the biggest issues with a successful commissioning is air removal. Any time you spend with this detail will be time well spent. Air pockets become entrained within your HTF and like to find places to hide. Air pockets can form between your HTF and the inner wall of piping (especially with flexible piping) and can only be removed through persistence and time. Here are a few things you can do to help this […]

What is the most appropriate delta T for Northern climates?

Question: What is the most appropriate delta T for Northern climates? Answer: 17

SunMaxx Product Overview 8.23.2010

All of the great SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Products you can offer your customers…including, evacuated tube solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors, solar storage tanks, pre-packaged kits and more

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