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SunMaxx Solar Installs Solar Thermal System in Clinton , NY

In 2008, a residential Solar Thermal System was installed in Clinton, NY using 3 of SunMaxx Solar’s SM-25 Evacuated Tubes. The system, which was designed by Owen Pugh, President at Alternative Power Solutions, was a STSS 2*120 gallon superstor tanks with indirect coils. The collector installation included Roof-mounted SunMaxx Solar racking system, using a closed loop, propylene glycol freeze control.

50 Tube Residential Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal System

This 50 tube system uses SunMaxx Thermopower VHP to replace 85% of the hot water bills. The system is a closed loop glycol system and has been designed to supplement the space heat as well. The solar storage tank is also tied into the furnace through a hydronic fan coil. Fuel bills have dropped by $850 per year.

Commercial 600 Tube Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal System

This system uses 600 SunMaxx Thermopower VHP’s. Roughly 850,000 btu’s per day are transferred into a 1500 gallon storage tank and then transferred to point of use for one of five zones. This Combisystem is tied into radiant floor, forced hot-air, domestic hot water, swimming pool and a baseboard heating system

180 Tube ThermoPower-VHP Solar Thermal System Installation

This garage has 180 SunMaxx Thermopower VHP’s installed for a Combisystem. Most of the clients hot water demand is met year round and in the winter time, the heating bills have been cut by 40%. Any excess heat during the summer months is dumped into the swimming pool giving them a very comfortable pool all summer long.

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