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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Amazing facts about the solar resource and how a solar cell works 07.18.2011

Join Fran Notte of ETM Solar for this webinar that explores the enormity of the solar resource with astronomical facts and statistical demonstrations of the amount of energy emanating from the sun. It explains how the planet can be powered exclusively by the sun’s energy. Included is a brief explanation of how a solar cell is constructed and how it uses the sun’s energy to convert sunlight into electricity.

SunMaxx Solars ThermoPower VHP 30 Evacuated Tubes at the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

In September of 2009 SunMaxx Solar was pleased to be selected to provide the evacuated tubes for the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center on the Cornell University Campus. Under the direction of M/E Engineering, who were responsible for the mechanical design, the welcome center used 8 ThermoPower-VHP30 evacuated tubes from SunMaxx Solar on the roof of the Welcome Center. “The collectors are connected to the building’s heating water system.  The heating system for the building is primary in floor hot water radiant heat. “ according to Chad Fikes of M./E Engineering. Once completed the system was reviewed by Intelligent Green Solutions […]

SunMaxx Solar Participates in Intersolar 2011

San Francisco, CA (July 13, 2011) – SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell participated in the Solar Heating & Cooling – Markets and Policies session at InterSolar North America. During the panel discussion a portion of the group dealt with such topics as dealing with the general condition of the solar thermal market in North America, along with the roadblocks and hurdles faced nationally in the industry. The panel included industry leaders Adam Farrell, Chief Executive Officer, SunMaxx Solar, USA, Ron Kamen, President, New York Solar Energy Industries Association, U.S. , Dr. Lucio Mesquita, Thermosol Consulting, U.S. , Rick Reed , […]

Roof Orientation 07.11.2011

Join the newest member to the SunMaxx Solar team and solar thermal educator John Maliwacki for a webinar on roof orientation. This back to basics webinar will go over roof orientation, azimuth and positioning of solar thermal collectors.

Solar Hot Water Collector Mounting 06.27.2011

Flush mount, tilt mount, free standing….what to choose? SunMaxx Solar educator John Maliwacki will discuss mounting strategies for evacuated tube and flat plate solar hot water collectors.

SunMaxx Product Overview 06.20.2011

SunMaxx has it all! Join John Maliwacki as he explains the vast SunMaxx Solar product offerings and their attributes. Storage Tanks, Evacuated Tubes and Flat Plates, oh my!

SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell to Present at 2011 Intersolar Conference in San Fransisco

San Fransisco CA, July 12-15, 2011 Intersolar North America is an event that brings great focus and interest on the solar market in North America by having a destination for companies around the world to share knowledge. Intersolar North America has a focus on solar thermal technologies and photovoltaics. Adam Farrell, CEO of SunMaxx Solar, will be part of a panel discussion on Wednesday July 13, 2011. The session Mr. Farrell will be participating in is Solar Heating & Cooling – Markets & Policies. Mr. Farrell will be speaking specifically to Marketing Your Solar Thermal Business in North America. The […]

Steam, Dump or Drain 03.28.2011

There is a heated debate in the solar thermal industry regarding what to do with excess production and freeze protection. This webinar, presented by Todd Paternoster will boil down the basics of solar thermal system design so that no matter what, your system will not overheat or freeze.

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits 06.13.2011

Solar thermal made easy!! SunMaxx HelioMaxx prepackaged solar hot water kits have all the parts and components needed for a successful installation. Join SunMaxx educator John Maliwacki for this webinar on HelioMaxx kits.

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