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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Individual State Incentives and Rebate Programs

A great resource when researching individual state incentives and rebate programs is the Database of State Incentive Programs (DSIRE) DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Established in 1995 and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, DSIRE is an ongoing project of the N.C. Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Reviewing last week’s solar energy news Chris Meehan Aug 29, 2011 The solar industry was on a roller-coaster ride last week, echoing in many ways the larger market turbulence the world’s been experiencing since early August. Some companies filed for bankruptcy and others changed their strategies to remain competitive. But elsewhere plans, plants and projects moved forward, showing the industry is not facing a long, steep drop, but rather a lot of bumps. Evergreen Solar Inc. and SpectraWatt Inc. have recently filed for bankruptcy following a dismal second quarter driven by lower silicon costs and increased market competition. Evergreen’s proprietary string ribbon silicon technology was […]

Upcoming SunMaxx Solar Webinars

Join SunMaxx Solar Educator John M. for SunMaxx Solar Free Webinars ! A complete schedule can be found at Topics include: How To Do A Complete Site Survey & Properly Size A Solar System Everything You Need To Know About Solar Collector & Installer Certifications “Secret” Sales Strategies From SunMaxx’s Top Solar Thermal Salesperson And Much, Much More…Check Out Some Additional Free Webinars Below Archived webinars can also be viewed at

NEC 2008 vs the changes reflected in NEC 2011 – Part 1

NEC 2008 vs the changes reflected in NEC 2011 Part 1 Join us for part 2 September 19  

The SunMaxx Solar Dealer Portal

A look at the huge amount of resources instantly accessible online to SunMaxx Solar dealers and how to access them

SunMaxx Solar’s 4 ft x 8 ft. Titan Power Plus Flat Plate Collector Made in USA

TitanPowerPlus-SU3 Premium Flat Plate Collector is Buy America Compliant! SunMaxx Solar announces the upcoming TitanPower Plus SU 3.0 Series Flat Plate Collectors. SunMaxx Solar will be offering the 3.0 model for delivery starting on October 1st 2011 * . Product will be made available for sale starting August 11th 2011. The TitanPower Plus SU 3.0 Flat Plate Collector combines the high efficiency construction of the smaller versions combined with the industry standard size of 4 x 8 ft. in addition to its high efficiency, the 3.0 collector is offered with a standard 12 year warranty and extended 20 year performance […]

TitanPower Plus SU Series 20 Year Extended Flat Plate Collector Warranty

August 1st 2011 – SunMaxx Solar now offers their 20 Year TitanPower Plus SU Series Extended Warranty Program. Combining over 30 years of collective collector manufacturing experience, the TitanPower Plus SU Series collector offers combined German, Austrian and American Engineering! SunMaxx Solar’s Extended Warranty program guarantees the collector’s output, leading the way in the solar thermal industry. Under the new extended warranty program you can rest easy knowing your collectors will perform as well if not better than your existing roof. More Quality: All TitanPower Plus SU Series collectors are backed by our industry leading 12 year product warranty. Invest […]

SunMaxx Solar Thermal System Brings New Energy To Historic Harvard

SunMaxx Solar is proud to announce the successful installation of SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate collectors at Harvard University’s Harvard Yard. The solar system was built atop the Canaday Hall building as part of a larger system that provides hot water to all of the buildings within Harvard Yard. Installed,engineered and designed by the SunMaxx Solar authorized installer LittleFoot Energy Corporation, who served as the prime contractor on the project, the collector array will provide approximately 773 MMBTU/year, which is an estimated 30% solar fraction. The more than 3,200 square feet of SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate collectors atop the […]

Solar Hot Water Steamback 08.08.2011

Join John as he discusses: What happens when a closed loop system stagnates and should I worry about it?

Energy Transfer 08.01.2011

Join John as he discusses radiation, conduction, and convection: the science behind solar thermal systems.

Sales Strategies For The Solar Installer 07.25.2011

Join Sales Specialist Adam Lee as he shares his expertise. He will be discussing sales strategies for the solar installer.

SRCC OG300 Certified

SRCC OG300 Certified SunMaxx Solar is pleased to announce that their Simple Drainback Kits with Flat Plates and Evacuated Tubes are now SRCC OG300 Certified. SunMaxx Solar is outperforming the competition based on system performance according to SRCC-OG300 system ratings (weather data used: Albany, NY). The HelioMaxx SDB kits by SunMaxx Solar use industry leading SRCC certified OG100 rated evacuated tube collectors and the SRCC certified OG100 TitanPower Plus SU2 Flat Plate Collectors. These low maintenance systems bring the simplicity of drainback systems together with some of the better characteristics of pressurized systems to create the easiest installation on the […]

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