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TitanPowerPlus-SU24 Product Datasheet


TitanPowerPlus-SU20 Product Datasheet


ThermoPower-VTS-P30 Product Datasheet


ThermoPower-VTS-P20 Product Datasheet

Please click the link below to download the datasheet: View Datasheet


ThermoPower-VDF30 Product Datasheet

ThermoPower-VDF20 Product Datasheet


ThermoPower-VHP30 Product Datasheet



ThermoPower-VHP20 Product Datasheet

ThermoPower-VHP10 Product Datasheet


NYS Sales Tax Exemption

Incentive Type State Sales Tax Exemption Eligible Technologies Passive Solar Space Heating, Solar Water Heating, Solar Space Heating, PV, Solar Pool Heating Applicable Sectors Commercial, Industrial, Residential, General Public/Consumer, Multi-Family Residential Incentive Amount 100% Of State Sales Tax Maximum Incentive None Listed Eligible System Size(s) None Listed Equipment Standards None Listed Installation Standards None Listed Start Date Residential: 09/01/2005 Commercial: 01/01/2013 More Information Contact: Taxpayer Assistance – Sales Tax Information Center New York State Department of Taxation and Finance W.A. Harriman Campus Albany, NY 12227 Phone: (518) 485-2889 Phone 2: (800) 698-2909 Web Site: /

NYS Solar Thermal Rebate Incentive

Incentive Type State Rebate Program Eligible Technologies Solar Water Heating Applicable Sectors Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Non-Profit, Schools, Local Gov’ts, State Gov’t, Federal Gov’t, Multi-Family Residential, Agricultural, Institutional Incentive Amount $1.50 / kwh displaced / year Maximum Incentive Residential: $4,000 / site/meter Non-Residential: $25,000 / site/meter Capped at 80% of calculated existing thermal load Eligible System Size(s) No Limits Equipment Standards All systems and components must be new. Collectors and tank must be SRCC Certified and listed in PowerClerk. Must include 5-year all-inclusive, fully-transferable warranty Installation Standards Must supplement current electric hot water system. System losses (shading and orientation) may not […]


New York State Energy Research and Development Authority 17 Columbia Circle Albany, New York 12203 P: 1-866-NYSERDA F: 518-862-1091 

SunMaxx Launches Two New Online Solar Equipment Platforms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Thursday, December 20, 2012 – Binghamton, New York – SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, launches two new online solar equipment platforms aimed at connecting buyers and sellers to provide the best value to the online user. SunMaxx recently launched an online auction site as well as a new classifieds ads site. Both sites will assist our visitors in selling new and used solar energy products. This will also give SunMaxx a platform for selling used, refurbished and overstocked items which, in turn, will make it easier for customers to […]

NYS Solar Tax Credit Assistance

Taxpayer Assistance – Personal Income Tax Information Center New York State Department of Taxation and Finance W.A. Harriman Campus Albany, NY 12227 P: 518.457.5181

SunMaxx Solars ThermoPower VHP 30 Evacuated Tubes at the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center

In September 2009, SunMaxx Solar was pleased to provide the evacuated tube solar collectors for the Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center on the Cornell University Campus.  Under the direction of M/E Engineering, who were responsible for the mechanical design, the welcome center used 8 ThermoPower evacuated tubes from SunMaxx Solar, which they roof mounted.  The collectors are connected to the building’s hot water system and the heating system for the building is primarily in floor hot water radiant heat.

New York Residential Solar Tax Credit

Incentive Type Personal Income Tax Credit Eligible Technologies Solar Hot Water, Solar Space Heating, Solar Electric (PV) Applicable Sectors Residential, Multi-Family Residential Incentive Amount 25% For All Technologies Maximum Incentive $5,000 Eligible System Size(s) 25kw Maximum (50kw For Condo & Coop Associations) Equipment Standards Systems & Components Must Be New And Meet All Performance And Safety Standards Installation Standards PV Systems Must Be Grid-Tied & Net-Metered Carryover Excess Credit May Be Carried Forward A Maximum Of 5 Years Date Enacted Jan 1, 1998 (PV) / Jan 1, 2006 (Solar Thermal) More Information Contact: Taxpayer Assistance – Personal Income Tax Information […]

SunMaxx Solar Collectors Installed at First Solar Powered Brewery in New Hampshire

SunMaxx Solar is proud to announce the successful installation of twenty-five SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 solar flat plate collectors at the Flying Goose Brew and Pub as it becomes the first solar powered brewery in New Hampshire. In an ongoing effort to become a more energy efficient business, Flying Goose recently upgraded to a solar thermal system which uses a non-pressurized 806 gallon tank to preheat water for the restaurant and brew cycles. Installed by the SunMaxx authorized installer Clean Resolutions, the system consists of 500 square feet of SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plates, which reside on the brewery’s dining room […]

SunMaxx Solar Installation at Kuhns Bros. Log Homes Inc.

In February 2012, Dave Brugge completed the installation of a solar thermal system at Kuhns Bros. Log Homes Incorporated in Frewsburg, NY.   The installation included 1 ThermoPower VHP-30 and two ThermoPower VHP-20 solar collectors as well as a 280 gallon solar storage tank.   The solar system provides both hot water and heating for the building with a solar fraction of approximately 65%.  This new solar thermal system replaced the previous propane forced air furnace and electric hot water.

How Do I Determine Sun Angles Throughout the Year For My Location?

How Do I Determine Sun Angles Throughout the Year For My Location? The University of Oregon provides a free online tool that does just this. Plug in your location and this tool will provide a PDF with precise sun data. With this information you can determine the appropriate distances to place your arrays so as not to shade them during certain parts of year or day increasing the efficiency of your system. Check it out at Sample Sun Path Diagram  

SunMaxx Solar’s Eco Kits Facilitate Customers’ Transition to Solar Thermal Power

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tuesday, December 11, 2012 – Binghamton, New York – SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, offers the Retrofit Eco Kit which makes the transition to solar thermal a lot easier. SunMaxx Solar’s Retrofit Eco Kit facilitates the transition to solar thermal due to its ingenious design. The mechanics of the Eco Kit allows it to be equally efficient in both warm and cold climates. This reduces the room for error when it comes to installing the correct solar thermal system for your area. The Retrofit aspect of the Eco Kit […]

SunMaxx Dealer Newsletter – December 2012 #1

SunMaxx Dealer Newsletter – November 2012 #2

New York Solar Information

How Do I Balance The Flow of My Collectors?

How Do I Balance The Flow of My Collectors?  I have 2 arrays of 6. Use balancing valves, 1 on the cold side for each array. This will allow you to adjust the flow in each array and optimize your collectors output. SunMaxx Carries these for a variety of applications from small residential (2-7 Gallons Per Minute) all the way up to Large applications (12-50 Gallons Per Minute). Available SunMaxx Balancing Valves: XMaxx-HW-BV-2-7-34F : 2-7GPM XMaxx-HW-BV-3-10-1F : 3-10 GPM XMaxx-HW-BV-5-19-54F : 5-19 GPM XMaxx-HW-BV-8-32-64F : 8-32 GPM Xmaxx-HW-BV-12-50-2F : 12-50 GPM

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