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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Texas Has The Largest Solar Potential In The Country

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Do you know that the sunshine that falls on Texas in a month contains more energy than all of the oil that has ever been pumped in the state can generate. Texas is the state that has the largest solar potential in the country, yet it only ranked tenth nationwide in terms of installed solar power generation capacity, enough solar energy installed to power 11,900 homes. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration Residential Energy Consumption Survey, the average annual household electricity cost in Texas is close to $2,000, one of the highest in the nation; and water heating […]

What is the Resale Value of My Solar Home?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Does the solar system installed in your home increases the property value and helps you when selling your home? Yes! The American Appraisal Institute estimated that any home features that save in operating costs would increase the home’s value by twenty times the amount saved. Every homeowners who have installed solar systems in their property experience an increase in resale price of the home generated from the systems they have installed. The question now is,” How much will my property value increase from installing a solar system?” It really depends on your system. The more your […]

Australia Ranked Number One for Individual Solar Installations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Australia has been dubbed the country with the highest number of Individual Solar Installations in the world. New data from the Climate Commission’s Solar Energy Report shows Australians are installing solar at an extraordinary rate. The Report reveals 2.5 million people in Australia have a solar system. Government projections suggested solar would grow to the point it is now only by 2030. In an interview with ABC News Australia, the Climate Commissions Chief Tim Flannery, tslks about solar thermal. , says that even though solar thermal is very popular now in Australia, “the next frontier is solar […]

SRCC-OG300 Certification List

HelioMaxx SRCC Certifications: Kit SRCC-OG300 Certification # Description HelioMaxxDB-080-SDB Solar Drainback 2011067A Electric Backup Evacuated Tube Collectors VHP30 x 1 2011067B Electric Backup Evacuated Tube Collectors VHP30 x 2 2011070A Gas Backup Evacuated Tube Collectors VHP30 x 1 2011070B Gas Backup Evacuated Tube Collectors VHP30 x 2 HelioMaxxECO-080-AC 2011038B Single Tank w/ Flat Plates (TitanPowrPlus-SU2 x 2), 1.8 Solar Energy Factor 2003016L Single Tank w/ Evacuated Tube (VHP30 x 1), 1.0 Solar Energy Factor 2011042A Duo Tank w/ Flat Plates (TitanPowrPlus-SU2 x 2) 2011033B Single Tank w/ Flat Plates (TitanPowrPlus-SU2 x 2), 1.0 Solar Energy Factor 2003001L Single Tank w/ […]

Non-Pressurized Tank Extended Warranty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – How often do you prefer to replace your hot water tank?   Every 3-5 years? 5-10 years?  Never again? Your traditional electric/boiler/gas hot water tank needs to be replaced every 5-10 years. However, non-pressure tanks for solar thermal hot water systems have a life expectancy of 40+ years. Here’s the catch: even though the solar tanks last a lifetime, most solar thermal hot water companies only offer a 5 -7 year warranty. SunMaxx Solar’s new tank warranty strategy is pretty genius, and the best in the industry by a long shot. The company has developed an option to double […]

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