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Monthly Archives: October 2013

What if Solar grew as fast as Facebook?


Oct 2013

FlowMaxx 3/4″ Dual Lineset  $699   XMaxx Filing Station $699   SmartMaxx DHW Controller $150   SunMaxx Engineering Services Energy Modeling Piping diagrams / electrical line diagrams Roof Drawing Layouts Project Management Technical support $100/ hr ! (lawyers cost way more)   Call your SunMaxx Solar Sales Representative for more information! 1.877.786.6299     Your New Dealer Portal Features Include: Dealer Pricing Place your order online Discounts for container quantity Jet Stream Program (Coming Soon!) Financing Options Fill out your warranty cards and upload your photos Access and order dealer marketing materials


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A small organic dairy farm in Hillside, NY, is the first to install the market’s latest solar thermal flat plate. Wanting to offset the electrical consumption, the dairy farm’s owners hired Terry Moag from The Radiant Store, to install the system. The Radiant Store is a full service supplier of Solar Hot water systems in Northeastern, NY. Moag explains “SUNMAXX Solar is our supplier of choice.”  Last month, the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), awarded SunMaxx Solar’s TitanPower ALDH29 flat plates the highest rated OG-100 Certification. After installing SunMaxx’s flat plates, the owners are already starting appreciate the system’s high […]

Does solar thermal work in very cold temperatures?

Yes, check out the video below!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Today, the solar thermal company, SunMaxx Solar, released a statement their network of 4,000 installers: “For any order $10,000 or more, Sunmaxx will donate a turkey to the customer’s local food kitchen.” Ryan Turner works as a SunMaxx installer in Nebraska. “It’s getting cold, sothis time of year is when my business really picks up. I’m going to spend that money anyway… hopefully, my soup kitchen gets several turkeys from me for Thanksgiving.” Turner explains his job as an installer already helps people and the environment in so many ways, but “…now I’ll be directly helping the […]

Best Solar Collectors: SunMaxx Solar Collectors Vs The Competition


Everyone seems to be installing solar panels on their roof these days. New data shows a solar hot water and space heating system is a better option than a solar electric system (PV) to save you money. Documents from the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, a non-profit organization that rates solar system efficiency, recently rated the difference between the two systems. Certain factors settle the dispute: heating your water and your home using solar, wins by a landslide compared to a PV system. Here’s the breakdown: 1) System Cost: SunMaxx Solar, a leading solar thermal company, says the typical 4-person […]

Hawaii Electric Rates For Hot Water


Ed Gunn Named SunMaxx Solar Vice President of Sales

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: This week, SunMaxx Solar selected Edward Gunn as Vice President of Sales. “The industry is growing, and our sales team is expanding so we can meet the solar hot water demand,” says CEO Adam Farrell. “…Ed is the only person I trust to head this up.” The new VP of Sales has worked with the company’s solar thermal hot water systems for nearly five years. During this time, Gunn worked with thousands of dealers across the world as well as thousands of residential and commercial projects across country. Gunn mentions,”working with solar is a rewarding job, because […]

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