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SunMaxx Solar was founded in 2006. We are a team of renewable energy experts helping to bring sustainable solar thermal technologies into the mass marketplace.

Our main facilities are location in Upstate New York, including a US based production facility for solar hot water storage tanks, controls, and hydronic heat transfer stations.

Through our international partnerships with both Poland based IGS Innovation and leading German renewable energy consultant FVR Innovation Hub, our team incorporates leading technologies and solutions from around the world.

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SunMaxx Solar is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components. Inspired by a high school science project, SunMaxx Solar was established in 2006 by company CEO Adam Farrell, along with his brother, Matt Farrell, as the solar thermal division of Silicon Solar, Inc., a PV-based sales and distribution company, to meet the growing demand for solar thermal products in North America.

Since our inception, our operational excellence and product leadership in the industry has enabled us to pioneer the development and distribution of new solar technologies and services. We have also established one of the leading solar thermal installer training and educational programs, with a network of over 3,000 authorized SunMaxx installers nationwide. Our certified professional instructors are experts in the solar thermal industry, providing the most up-to-date education and training in solar technology.

SunMaxx Solar continues to grow its North American solar thermal operations as well as expanding operations outside of the United States.

At SunMaxx Solar, we aim to build a sustainable future for our global community. In today’s energy consuming world, we offer world-class solar energy and renewable products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

From the design room to product installation, the goal of our team is to provide an educational network and value chain with customer service as our number one priority.

Our forward-thinking model includes the establishment of multinational offices to better serve emerging markets and developing nations around the world. We work to build and maintain a cleaner energy-efficient world one satisfied customer at a time.

The Mission of SunMaxx Solar is to:

  • Help build a sustainable future for the global economy
  • Offer world-class solar energy products
  • Pioneer the development and distribution of new solar energy technologies
  • Provide an educational network for our customers

SunMaxx Solar designs and manufacturers the industry’s leading solar thermal hot water and space heating systems. Our turnkey prepackaged systems provide customers with a complete solution for both residential and commercial applications. Our HelioMaxx Kits come with almost all the necessary components to help you start saving money on your hot water heating bill.

Beginning with our line of solar collectors, SunMaxx vacuum tube and flat plate solar collectors provide the best overall performance in the industry at affordable prices. Our TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate collector is actually one of the highest rated OG-100 certified collectors for energy output in the category of collectors using ethylene glycol as a heat transfer medium.

The unique combination of leading product performance along with our highly competitive pricing schedule make a SunMaxx solar hot water system one of the wisest investments a home or business owner can make. Our systems have short payback periods, low initial investments and higher overall return on your investment than any other solar hot water system on the market today.

The SunMaxx quality line of solar thermal products includes:

  • SunMaxx ThermoPower Series Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
  • SunMaxx TitanPower Series Flat Plate Solar Collectors
  • SunMaxx StorMaxx Series Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • UniMaxx Series Solar Pump & Control Stations
  • SmartMaxx Series Differential Temperature Controllers & Circulator Pumps
  • HelioMaxx Series Prepackaged Solar Hot Water & Space Heating Kits
  • GridMaxx Photovoltaic Panels

We also offer a number of industry-leading services to help our installers deliver the best value and service for a premium price including:

  • Engineering Support
  • FREE System Sizing & Design
  • Customized Product Solutions
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • System Project Management & Consulting

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Our History

A quick glance of our history.


Facility Expansion

Facility Expansion

SunMaxx Solar expands its facilities in partnership with Silicon Solar to include a new solar hot water partnership.


VHP Evacuated Tube SRCC OG-100 Certified

VHP Evacuated Tube SRCC OG-100 Certified

SunMaxx Solar’s well known VHP series evacuated tube solar hot water collectors certified by the SRCC.


Solar Power (SPI) Conference Leading Solar Thermal Player

Solar Power (SPI) Conference Leading Solar Thermal Player

SunMaxx Solar leads the industry with complete turnkey solar thermal solutions for commercial and industrial use.


TitanPower Flat Plate Collectors SRCC OG-100 Certified

TitanPower Flat Plate Collectors SRCC OG-100 Certified

SunMaxx Solar’s cutting edge TitanPower flat plate solar collectors certified in partnership with leading German manufacturing facility.


SunMaxx Merges with Innovative Solar Solutions

SunMaxx Merges with Innovative Solar Solutions

SunMaxx Solar merges with Innovative Solar Solutions – leading technology provider of consumer solar energy products for home and business use.


SunMaxx partners with IGS Innovation Poland's Design Team

SunMaxx partners with IGS Innovation Poland's Design Team

SunMaxx Solar signed cooperation contract with IGS Innovation Poland for system planning and engineering of renewable energy systems.

Meet Our Team

From product development to system design, meet the team of solar thermal experts.

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