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SunMaxx Authorized Installer Webkit

The SunMaxx Solar Authorized Installer Webkit provides all information, images and logos necessary to create a stunning page on your own website showcasing SunMaxx Solar products, installer advantages and technical information. With the information included in this marketing webkit, you will be able to showcase to customers the many reasons why choosing a SunMaxx Solar certified installer is a great solar thermal decision.

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Example of some of the material included in the SunMaxx Solar Authorized Installer Webkit

At SunMaxx Solar we adhere to the highest quality standards of professionalism. All SunMaxx authorized installers are required to pass our rigorous manufacturer’s training program in both hands-on installation and system design to ensure that all systems are installed with the highest level of technical competence.

  • Weekly online training for updates on the latest solar thermal technologies
  • Required IREC (ISPQ) National SunMaxx Training Classes
  • World class product quality and warranty standards
  • Required system inspection and customer satisfaction surveys.

Choosing a SunMaxx authorized installer means you’ve chosen a solar thermal professional who knows the most about our products and has received extensive training in solar thermal installations from SunMaxx certified instructors.

SunMaxx Solar Products

HelioMaxx Prepackaged Solar Hot Water Kits HelioMaxx Pro Prepackaged Solar Hot Water Kits

SunMaxx Solar’s turnkey solution for solar hot water heating, the HelioMaxx Series prepackaged solar hot water kits have been redesigned and engineered to improve upon their already industry-leading efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. These kits come complete with the necessary components for a quick and easy solar thermal installation, depending on the model chosen.

StorMaxx-PTEC Solar Storage Tanks SunMaxx StorMaxx-PTec Solar Storage Tank

The StorMaxx –PTec Series of solar storage tanks offers top-of-the-line performance and efficiency. A high-density closed foam insulation and insulated jacket provide maximum heat retention. Dual coil heat exchangers and optional electric element enable multiple system configurations. Tank sizes include 50, 80 and 105 gallon models.

TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors SunMaxx TitanPower Series Flat Plate Collectors

The TitanPower Series of flat plate solar collectors offer industry-leading efficiency and energy output. The TitanPower Plus-SU2 is the highest SRCC-rated flat plate collector for energy output for collectors using ethylene glycol as a heat transport medium. This collector also comes with our exclusive 12-year warranty.

ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors SunMaxx ThermoPower Series Evacuated Tube Collectors

SunMaxx evacuated tube solar collectors are among the industry’s most cost-effective and efficient on the market today. Their absorptive coating boasts a 92% efficiency rating, and double wall construction eliminates the risk of vacuum loss. The series includes VHP (vacuum heat pipe), VDF (vacuum direct flow; u-pipe), and VTS (thermosyphon) models.

SunMaxx UniMaxx Pump Station Series SunMaxx UniMaxx Pump Station Series

The SunMaxx UniMaxx Series of pump stations include the most important hydronic components required for the operation of a solar system.  The UniMaxx Plus pump station comes with the SunMaxx SmartMaxx-DHW Plus controller, and is pre-assembled for easy and quick installation.

Why SunMaxx? The SunMaxx Advantage

SunMaxx Solar manufactures and distributes some of the solar industry’s leading products and systems. Our turnkey solar hot water heating solutions are engineered and designed as a result of years of research and development to ensure we maintain our position at the forefront of solar thermal technology. Couple this with our competitive pricing schedule, our extensive network of authorized SunMaxx installers, outstanding sales, technical and system sizing support and hassle-free logistics, and the result is something no other company can offer – The SunMaxx Advantage.

The SunMaxx Advantage

  • Affordable turnkey solar thermal system solutions for commercial or residential applications
  • Industry-leading product line for reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness
  • Highest BTU output per dollar spent
  • Network of SunMaxx authorized installers with over 10,000 successful installations worldwide
  • Experience in system design and implementation
  • Outstanding sales, customer and technical support
  • Hassle-free product delivery logistics


Sizing Pre Packaged Kits

1) Location of installation (cold vs warm climate)

2)Determine how many people are in the household (this tells you how much hot water is used daily)?

Note:    1 person uses 20 gal of hot water per day

1 person               50 gal kit
2-4 people            80 gal kit
4-6 people          120 gal kit

2)Please choose kit based on number of people in house. If keeping your current tank than use Heliomaxx Kit. If you are going to be replacing your current tank and going with an electric back up solar tank (with coil) as single tank system than use the Empire kit.

KIT MODEL Climate Type Collector Type Storage Tank Size Capacity of System
HeliomaxxPRO-VHP50 cold Evacuated Tubes 50 50 Gal (1 person)
HeliomaxxPRO-VHP80 cold Evacuated Tubes 80 80 gal (2-4 people)
HeliomaxxPRO-VHP120 cold Evacuated Tubes 120 120 gal (4-6 people)
HeliomaxxPRO-FP50 cold Flat Plates 50 50 Gal (1 person)
HeliomaxxPRO-FP80 cold Flat Plates 80 80 gal (2-4 people)
HeliomaxxPRO-FP120 cold Flat Plates 120 120 gal (4-6 people)
Empire-VHP50 cold Evacuated Tubes 50 50 Gal (1 person)
Empire-VHP80 cold Evacuated Tubes 80 80 gal (2-4 people)
Empire-VHP120 cold Evacuated Tubes 120 120 gal (4-6 people)
Empire-FP50 cold Flat Plates 50 50 Gal (1 person)
Empire-FP80 cold Flat Plates 80 80 gal (2-4 people)
Empire-FP120 cold Flat Plates 120 120 gal (4-6 people)
Heliomaxx-SDB-80FP warm Flat Plates 80 80 gal (2-4 people)
Heliomaxx-SDB-120FP warm Flat Plates 120 120 gal (4-6 people)
Heliomaxx-SDB-80VHP warm Evacuated Tubes 80 80 gal (2-4 people)
Heliomaxx-SDB-120VHP warm Evacuated Tubes 120 120 gal (4-6 people)

-After selecting kit please call sales rep to discuss mounting options. Our flat plates have three options: Flush, Tilt and Free Standing. Evacuated tubes come with a full free standing frame. This can be mounted on a flat surface or the back legs can be cut for desired tilt mount. Again please contact your Sunmaxx sales rep who will be happy to discuss our mounting options and offer the best solution.

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