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Solar PV FAQ’s

Listing of PV related questions and answers covering topics such as training, NABCEP certifications, installations and more…

When would you recommend I take the Entry Level Exam?

Take the exam as close to completing the PV course as you can arrange. Waiting weeks or months, unless you plan to study during that time will only shorten your chances of getting a passing grade which is a 70.

What if for some reason I can’t make it to class all of the days the course is running? Can I make it up?

The course will be offered several times in the coming year. You can return at no extra charge and attend for those missed days. However, your certificate won’t be issued until those days are made up.

Will I be able to get some individual help if I need it?

Small classes which run about 10 to 15 students allow for more individual attention. The instructors provide students with email addresses and in some cases cell phone numbers so anything that the student still has problems with which hasn’t been resolved in class can be discussed by email or by cell phone.

Will I have to buy a text book?

No. Preprinted three‐ring binders will be distributed and will follow the powerpoints. I would recommend bringing the 2011 NEC along to class (not the handbook or the CD). If you don’t have one, buy one. It is essential to the solar installation business and guaranteed you will refer to it again and again.

Will there be a test at the end of the course?

The “test” is a project at the end of the course which students do in small groups. It is not graded and has nothing to do with whether you receive your certificate or not. Each group is given a request for a system and they are to design the system from beginning to end determining minimum and maximum string sizes, inverters, roof layout, etc. It is actually a lot of fun.

Is there much math? And if so, what kind?

There is some math but it consists mostly of simple concepts which students usually can grasp with little difficulty.

Will the class get to see an actual system in operation?

Yes.  The class usually goes on a field trip to see a system that is in operation.

Will there be an opportunity to do an actual installation?

Yes.  There is a hands‐on section of the course in which the class builds a functioning mock‐up of an array.

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