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Commercial Solar Hot Water Kits

HelioMaxx Commercial Solar Hot Water Kits Are Perfect For All Climates- MADE IN THE USA

Use The Table Below To Choose The Combi Solar Kit That Is Right For You...

SunMaxx Residential Solar Hot Water Kit Map SunMaxx Residential Solar Hot Water Kit Map


Getting Started:

How to get started? Step 1 Calculate your daily hot water load/usage. Step 2: Select your kit based on the required hot water consumption. Step 3: Select the collectors you are interested in using (flat plate or evacuated tubes). Step 4: Give us a call to review any special requirements for your project.

We guarantee to save you 15% on your next commercial solar thermal project .

What do the systems include? The base pre-package kits include our proprietary UniMaxx commercial solar pump station, StorMaxx commercial solar storage tank, SmartMaxx solar control system (for remote monitoring).

How to install?

1) Install your StorMaxx solar storage tank (standard system uses non-pressure solar buffer tank. Tank size varies based on size of load).
2) Install your UniMaxx solar pump station (standard system design treats the solar tank as a buffer tank with load side and solar side external heat exchangers)
3) Connect your solar pump station to your solar tank
4) Connect your load to your solar pump station (pump station varies based on hot water requirements)
5) Install mounting system on roof for solar collector (mounting system selected based on collector choice)
6) Install solar collectors on mounting system (Choose from SunMaxx evacuated tube or flat plate collectors)
7) Connect solar piping between solar pump station and solar collectors (SunMaxx provides pre-insulated piping)
8) Charge your solar system (Both drainback and glycol based systems available)
9) Start saving energy!

Available Models: (Made in the USA)

Kit Model #System Hot Water Production/ Day (G)Estimated Cost Per Sq Ft (Kit Retail Price)

Design Load Temp: 130 degrees F, non-pressure solar buffer tank (15 year warranty), variable speed pumping system, brazed plate HX (load and solar side),

Other Cost Additions: (Based on cost per sq ft of collector area)
using SunMaxx Solar systems only. Substitution for Non-SunMaxx Solar system
components will increase all costing components recommended below.

Collector: $20/sqft
Mounting: $3-5/sqft
Installation: $20-50/sqft depending on site location/funding
Solar Piping: $2-5/sqft
Engineering: $1-3/sqft

Questions? Ready To Get Started?

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Financial Information

Pricing Breakdowns For Common Systems

Let's Take A Look At The Pricing Breakdown Of A SunMaxx Commercial System

Number of Units in the Building25 Units50 Units100 Units
Average System Cost
collectors, tank, pump station and more
$ 45,000$ 83,000$ 160,000
Incentives & Credits
Federal Tax Credit (30%, Uncapped)- $ 13,500- $ 25,500- $ 48,000
Depreciation (~ 24%)- $ 9,180- $ 17,340- $ 32,640
Net System Cost$ 22,320$ 42,160$ 79,360
Anticipated Energy Savings
For Oil Systems ($3.00 / gallon)
15 Year Total Energy Savings$ 80,211$ 165,676$ 328,686
Average Annual Energy Savings$ 5,347$ 11,045$ 21,912
Rate of Return24 %26 %28 %
For Propane Systems ($2.50 / gallon)
15 Year Total Energy Savings$ 96,581$ 199,488$ 395,766
Average Annual Energy Savings$ 6,438$ 13,299$ 26,384
Rate of Return29 %32 %33 %
For Electric Systems ($0.12 / kwh)
15 Year Total Energy Savings$ 118,725$ 245,266$ 486,507
Average Annual Energy Savings$ 7,915$ 16,348$ 32,433
Rate of Return35 %39 %41 %
For Natural Gas Systems ($0.80 / therm)
15 Year Total Energy Savings$ 27,007$ 55,783$110,668
Average Annual Energy Savings$ 1,800$ 3,718$ 7,377
Rate of Return8 %9 %9 %

Data based on NYS solar thermal production. Results may vary based on geographic location.
A 7% annual fuel cost escalation is assumed, 80% EFF
Assume 50G hot water use/unit/day

Sample Energy Savings Model

Commercial Solar Hot Water Energy Model

Typical Costs / ft2 For Commercial Solar Thermal Installations

Collector Area (ft2)Average $/ft2 of Collector AreaInstalled Cost~ Hot Water / Day (G)
100$ 134.00$ 13,400200
200$ 129.98$ 25,996.00400
300$ 126.08$ 37,824.00600
400$ 122.30$ 48,919.27800
500$ 118.63$ 59,314.621000
600$ 115.07$ 69,042.221200
1000$ 111.62$ 111,618.002000
1500$ 108.27$ 162,404.553000
2000$ 105.02$ 210,043.004000
2500$ 101.87$ 254,677.405000
5000$ 98.81$ 494,074.1710,000
Notes: Average $/ft2 of collector area includes suggested installation cost + all materials required for project. Actual cost may vary based on installation site.

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