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Financing Options for Solar Commercial Projects

While SunMaxx solar thermal energy systems represent an incredible investment considering the savings over the lifetime of the system, many organizations still balk at the prospect of paying a large up-front capital investment. Solar financing options now eliminate those huge upfront capital costs, so your company can start saving on your water heating from day one.

Through a SunMaxx Financial Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a solar lease, your business can offset any upfront system costs via monthly payments, which are lower than your monthly utility bill. For up to 20 years, your business will enjoy predictable, pre-determined water heating rates, not only directly saving you money each month, but also eliminating the risk of fluctuating gas or electricity prices.

How It Works

The federal government, as well as many states and local governments, currently offer several incentives to encourage the proliferation of solar renewable energy projects. However, many of these benefits can only be utilized by a system owner with a large enough tax appetite. That’s where SunMaxx Financing comes into the picture. We develop and pay for the system to be installed at your facility, and through our multiple finance partners, we realize the tax benefits. We then pass the savings onto you, the end-user, in the form of lower monthly payments.

A successful solar project requires careful consideration of financing options. SunMaxx Financial has the expertise to you help you find the best commercial solar power solution to meet your specific needs.

Complete System Purchase and Ownership

  • While it does require a larger initial capital outlay, outright ownership of your SunMaxx Solar Thermal System will provide the greatest total energy cost savings on energy over the life of the system. However, in order to fully monetize all incentives and maximize your return on investment, you must have the available capital, existing tax liabilities, and ability to benefit from accelerated depreciation of your solar equipment.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Buy the energy produced by the system

  • SunMaxx Solar PPA financing provides predictable future energy rates with no upfront costs. PPA financing creates a contract through which your organization will purchase solar energy on a monthly basis, much like a monthly utility bill. While the solar equipment is installed at your site, you don’t have any of the responsibility of ownership or maintenance of the system. There is no down payment required, and the industry-leading SunMaxx equipment guarantees performance or your money back. All you pay for is clean, renewable water heating set at a rate lower than you see on your utility bill today.

Solar Lease – Lease the system, use the energy produced by the system

  • Similar to a PPA financing option, a SunMaxx Solar Lease offers another way to obtain a solar system with no upfront cost. However, instead of purchasing the energy output from the system, the end-user simply pays monthly lease payments to lease the system hardware regardless of the energy produced. Again, these monthly lease payments are lower than your original energy costs thanks to the savings passed on by the renewable tax incentives. Typical commercial solar lease agreements range from 15-20 years and can include an option to purchase the system for a fair market value at the end of the lease period. For organizations that cannot fully capitalize on available tax incentives and want to avoid upfront capital investment, a lease may be the best option to facilitate your transition to solar power.

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