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Solar Hot Water Heat Dumps

Solar Hot Water heat DumpsWhen a system produces more heat than necessary, a heat dump is needed to prevent damage to the system. Heat dumps not only prevent damage to system components but also keep the system running at it’s highest efficiency. Heat Dumps offer you the solution you need to remove excess heat from a solar hot water system. Removing excess heat prevents damage to system components and allows the system to run at it’s highest efficiency. With several heat dump options for SunMaxx systems available a representative will be able to help you pick the right one. For more information about heat dump options please call a SunMaxx representative at 1-877-786-6299

Most Popular Heat Dumps:

  • Passive Heat Dumps
  • Unit Heaters

Passive Heat Dumps:

Passive Solar Hot Water Heat Dumps Our line of passive heat dumps are great for use in solar thermal applications. The passive heat dump allows the system to remove excess heat which protects the system from overheating and keeps it running at it’s peak performance.

Model Length Connection (ID) Radiator Length Radiator Area Reservoir Capacity Heat Loss
SunMaxx-HDBB1 40″ 3/8″ 17″ 232 ft2 1.2 G 8,782 BTU
SunMaxx-HDBB2 47″ 3/8″ 24″ 344 ft2 1.2 G 12:K BTU
SunMaxx-HDBBMega 84″ 1/2″ 112.5″ 1800 ft2 5 G 56K BTU


Unit Heater:

Passive Solar Hot Water Heat Dumps Our line of unit heaters heat exchangers are excellent for taking excess heat and using it as a heat source in your house. Simply put the exchanger in your house and the excess heat will be spread by an electric fan to better distribute the heat.

Model Output GPM Final Air Pressure Drop RPM CFM
XMaxx-UnitHeater-24 17.5 BTU/hr 1.8 GPM 96F .014 1550 450
XMaxx-UnitHeater-36 26 BTU/hr 2.6 GPM 103F .09 1550 550
XMaxx-UnitHeater-48 35 BTU/hr 3.5 GPM 103F .12 1000 750

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