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How Do I Balance The Flow of My Collectors?

How Do I Balance The Flow of My Collectors?  I have 2 arrays of 6.

Use balancing valves, 1 on the cold side for each array. This will allow you to adjust the flow in each array and optimize your collectors output. SunMaxx Carries these for a variety of applications from small residential (2-7 Gallons Per Minute) all the way up to Large applications (12-50 Gallons Per Minute).

Available SunMaxx Balancing Valves:

XMaxx-HW-BV-2-7-34F : 2-7GPM
XMaxx-HW-BV-3-10-1F : 3-10 GPM
XMaxx-HW-BV-5-19-54F : 5-19 GPM
XMaxx-HW-BV-8-32-64F : 8-32 GPM
Xmaxx-HW-BV-12-50-2F : 12-50 GPM

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