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How Do I Get My SmartMaxxDHWPlus Controller from German to English?

How do I get my SmartMaxxDHWPlus controller from German to English?

With the controller plugged in, push the “+” button until you reach the end of the main menu. You will see the time displayed under the German “ZEIT.” Then push the “+” button for about 3 seconds straight until the controller goes to the submenu. “ANL” is the first German code in the submenu. Once you have accessed the submenu, press the “+” button until you reach the end of the submenu (a version number). Then press the “-“ button three times to go back to language (German “SPR”). Press the “OK’ button. While “SET” is blinking, press the “-“ button once to go from “dE” (German) to “En” (English). Press the “OK” button again. The code displayed now should be “LANG” which means you are back to English.

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