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New York Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

Simple Financial Breakdown: 80G/Day (4-Person) Solar Hot Water System In New York

Monthly Solar
System Production

233 kwh

Typical Monthly
Electric Savings

$ 44.33

Anticipated Monthly Payment
For Solar System

$ 29.95 (7 years)

First Year Net Annual Electric Savings:

$ 172.56

Anticipated Lifetime Savings With A SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System

Current Electric Rate
Per kwh

$ 0.19

Anticipated Annual Electric Savings
Electricity offset by the solar system

2800 kwh

Estimated First Year Annual Savings
At base electric rate of $ 0.19/kwh

$ 530.00

Estimated 25 Year Lifetime Cumulative Savings
Based on a standard 5% annual electric rate inflation

$ 25,390.82

The History (And Future) Of Electric Prices In New York

Depending on the year, New York generally has the second or third highest electric rates in the country (often only behind Hawaii, which has to import all of it's electricity production materials and resources from across the ocean). Over the years, this means your home is being robbed of thousands and thousands of dollars by already high (and ever increasing) electric rates.

In fact, since 1970, the residential price for electricity in New York has increased about 5% every year. Take a look at chart below:

NY Residential Electric Prices Graph

Over the next 25 years that you could have a solar hot water system on your home, you could save over $25,000 in electric costs, or just pay that extra twenty-five grand to the electric company.

Year 1
$ 0.190
$ 44.33
$ 532.00
$ 532.00
Year 5
$ 0.231
$ 53.89
$ 646.65
$ 2,939.64
Year 10
$ 0.295
$ 68.78
$ 825.31
$ 6,691.44
Year 15
$ 0.376
$ 87.78
$ 1,053.32
$ 11,479.80
Year 20
$ 0.480
$ 112.30
$ 1,344.34
$ 17,591.09
Year 25
$ 0.613
$ 142.98
$ 1,715.75
$ 25,390.82

How A SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System Works

SunMaxx solar hot water systems combine several carefully chosen, professionally designed and tested components to provide the best solar hot water systems in the market. Your new SunMaxx solar hot water system will include all of these components ready to install. Plus, the entire system will be professionally designed by our team of in-house solar thermal engineers.

SunMaxx solar hot water systems are ideal for:

  • Single-family domestic solar hot water
  • Multi-family domestic solar hot water
  • Solar space & radiant heating systems
  • Solar pool & spa heating systems
Titan Power Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors

Titan Power Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors
SunMaxx solar thermal collectors capture the energy of the sun and transmit it to a heat transfer medium (typically a glycol and water mix) which is housed inside the solar collectors and the rest of the collector loop. The heat transfer fluid is pumped between the solar collectors and system's heat exchanger where it's heat is transmitted to water where it is used directly in your heat load. All SunMaxx solar collectors take advantage of the latest solar thermal technology and are extremely effective and efficient at harnessing the power of the sun.

UniMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Stations

UniMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Stations
Solar pump stations combine most major hydronic components together into a pre-packaged unit which saves time and reduces operation and maintenance costs on a solar installation. The pump station ensures the heat transfer fluid which has harnessed energy within the solar collectors circulates to the internal or external heat exchanger. There it can transfer its harnessed heat directly the the solar storage tank. The SunMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Station also allows the use of steamback overheat protection, which combined with glycol freeze protection is an effective combination for protecting the solar thermal system from damage associated with extreme temperature.

StorMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks

StorMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks
SunMaxx solar storage tanks house large volumes of water which can hold the energy passed from the collectors, through the heat exchanger, to the tank. These tanks can store an amount of energy proportional to their volume for later use and have very low thermal losses due to incredibly effective insulation.

SmartMaxx Solar Thermal System Controllers

SmartMaxx Solar Thermal System Controllers
SunMaxx Solar System Controllers are fully equipped to optimize and track the performance of your solar thermal system. These controllers will not only protect your system from extreme temperature, but also can work in conjunction with existing system controls, allowing for simple integration to any pre-existing heating system.

New York Residential Solar Hot Water Installations

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