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NYSERDA Commercial Solar Thermal Rebate Program

The NYSERDA Commercial Solar Thermal Rebate Program is a rebate program for businesses in New York state who replace / supplement their current electric hot water system with a new solar hot water system.  The program is available to commercial and industrial customers (it also applies to government buildings and schools).

  • Incentive Amount: $1.50 / kwh displaced
  • Maximum Incentive: $25,000 for commercial systems

All solar collectors used must be SRCC certified in order for the rebates to apply, and this rebate can be used in conjunction with other state and federal solar thermal incentives to help you save even more on the initial investment in your new solar thermal system.

Sample System Financial Breakdown:
300G/Day System With Flat Plate Collectors

Gross System Cost
The base cost of the system before any incentives or savings
$ 38,889.89
NYSERDA State Rebate
$25,000 maximum rebate cap
– $ 25,000
Federal Tax Credit
30% uncapped federal tax credit applied after state rebates
– $ 4,1667.67
Estimate, 25% of the total system cost
– $ 9,722.22
Net System Cost
The entire 1-year cost of your solar thermal system after incentives
$ 0.00

Estimated Lifetime Savings With A SunMaxx System:

Estimated Electric Rate
Per kwh
$ 0.15
Estimated Annual Savings
At base electric rate of $0.15/kwh
$ 2,500.00
Estimated Lifetime Savings
Based on standard 5% annual electric rate inflation
$ 119,317.75

The Realities of Electric Rates in New York

Since 1970, the commercial price of electricity has increased at an annual average of 5%. Today, New York hovers between the second and third highest electric rates in the entire country. In fact, often only Hawaii (which has to import all of its electricity production fuels and equipment across the ocean) has a higher end user electric price. This means that New Yorker businesses are losing more of their profits to rising electric costs than those in any other state.

the chart below shows the increase in electric prices for New York businesses since 1970. The growth pattern is pretty telling.

New York Commercial Electricity Prices: 1970 - 2013

(Click image above for larger view)

How This Price Inflation Might Affect Your Business In The Future:

Over the 25 year lifetime of a SunMaxx solar hot water system, you can end up paying hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted electric bills – continuously giving away profits, or lock in a fixed rate and eleminate this waste with a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System.

The table below shows how much you could pay over the years if our state’s historical 5% annual price inflation for electricity continues into the future.

Monthly Cost Annual Cost Cumulative Cost
Year 1 $ 1,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 12,000.00
Year 10 $ 1,551.33 $ 18,615.94 $ 150,934.71
Year 20 $ 2,526.95 $ 30,323.40 $ 396,791.45
Year 25 $ 3.225.10 $ 38,701.20 $ 572,725.19

The Components In A SunMaxx Commercial Solar Hot Water System:

TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors
SunMaxx solar thermal collectors capture the energy of the sun and transmit it to a heat transfer medium (typically a glycol and water mix) which is housed inside the solar collectors and the rest of the collector loop. The heat transfer fluid is pumped between the solar collectors and system’s heat exchanger where it’s heat is transmitted to water where it is used directly in your heat load. All SunMaxx solar collectors take advantage of the latest solar thermal technology and are extremely effective and efficient at harnessing the power of the sun.

UniMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Stations

UniMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Stations
Solar pump stations combine most major components together into a single unit which saves time and reduces maintenance costs on a solar installation. The pump station ensures the heat transfer fluid from the solar collectors circulates to the internal or external heat exchanger. There it can transfer its harnessed heat directly the the solar storage tank. The SunMaxx Solar Thermal Pump Station also allows the use of steamback overheat protection, which combined with glycol freeze protection is an effective combination for protecting the solar thermal system from damage associated with extreme temperature.

StorMaxx Solar Thermal Storage Tanks

StorMaxx Solar Thermal Storage Tanks
SunMaxx Non-Pressure buffer tanks house large volumes of water which can hold the energy passed from the collectors, through the heat exchanger, to the tank. These tanks can store an amount of energy proportional to their volume for later use and have very low thermal losses due to incredibly effective insulation.

SmartMaxx Solar Thermal System Controllers

SmartMaxx Solar Thermal System Controllers
SunMaxx Solar System Controllers are fully equipped to optimize and track the performance of your solar thermal system. These controllers will not only protect your system from extreme temperature, but also can work in conjunction with existing system controls, allowing for simple integration to any preexisting heating system.


Simple Solar Thermal System Layout:


Commercial Solar Thermal System Installation Gallery:

Cooper's Cave Ale Company, Cooperstown NY - TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Cooper’s Cave Ale Company, Cooperstown NY
TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Beacon Housing Authority, Beacon NY - TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Beacon Housing Authority, Beacon NY
TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Cornell University, Ithaca NY - ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Cornell University, Ithaca NY
ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Otsego Manor, Cooperstown NY - TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Otsego Manor, Cooperstown NY
TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors

How To Buy:

Our simple process makes it fast and hassle free for you to invest in your own solar hot water system:

  1. System Assessment
    An initial system assessment is a straightforward process for our team of solar professionals to determine your solar capacity needs, your current heating energy consumption and other basic factors to help begin modeling a solar thermal system to meet your unique needs and desires
  2. Initial Site Visit
    On the initial site visit, one of our solar professionals will determine the proper placement for your major system components including the solar collectors, the solar storage tank(s), the pump station, controller and more. They will also determine which type of solar collector mounting hardware will best meet your needs
  3. Proposal Review
    Based on your system estimate and the initial site visit, our solar thermal engineering team will put together a solar thermal system model and proposal for you. Along with your representative, you will go over the proposal and make your purchase of the system our team has designed for you
  4. Permitting
    Before any work can begin installing your solar thermal system, we will need to get the proper permits from your city. We have team members that specialize in the boring paperwork of getting these permits in a timely fashion. You don’t need to lift a finger on this part of the process
  5. Delivery & Installation
    Our warehouse team will package your entire system and ship it to you via freight carrier. After your system arrives directly at the worksite, your solar installer will show up. Over the next few days, your professional solar installer will completely install your new solar hot water system
  6. Final Quality Control Reviewbr>After installation is complete, one of our solar professionals will conduct a quality control review to ensure that everything is set and ready to operation. Quality control checks will include checks on collector security, piping connections, tank installation as well controller and pump station settings
  7. Heat Your Water With The Sun
    Congratulations, your new SunMaxx solar hot water system is completely installed, thoroughly checked for quality control and performance and turned on. You are generating free hot water from the sun and saving thousands of dollars a year on your electric bill

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