105G StorMaxx ETEC Solar Storage Tank – 2HX

105G StorMaxx ETEC Solar Storage Tank – 2HX


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StorMaxx ETEC solar tanks are suitable for storage of hot water without contamination and for long lifetime due to their stainless steel SUS 316L inner material. Because of the large thickness of polyurethane insulation, the tank exhibits very good thermal performance.

• 2 bare tube steel coil heat exchangers
• A copper coil consisting of 0.6in diameter tube provides very good heat exchange
• Incorporated electric heater to heat water when necessary
• Equipped with a TP pressure release valve to ensure tank safety


  • Buffer Capacity (G) 105
  • Coil quantity: 2
  • Shape dimension (in): 28 x 61
  • Electrical heater Power (kW): 1.5
  • Electrical heater Voltage: 220V~240V,50Hz
  • Out tank material and thickness (in): 0.016
  • Inner tank material and thickness (in): 0.06
  • Heat exchanger Coil material: Stainless steel SUS316L 0.4mm Corrugated pipe
  • Working pressure (psi): 58
  • Temperature Range (°F): 167
  • Insulation material: Polyurethane