PT-1000 Controller Sensor Low Temp


PT-1000 Controller Sensor Low Temp

  • Compatible with different solar controllers
  • Sensor Diameter: 0.21in
  • Sensor Length: 1.1 in
  • Wire Length: 78.74in
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Advantages of SmartMaxx Series products for Solar Hot Water Systems

SunMaxx SmartMaxx series products ensure precise recognition of the Temperature difference and optimum use of energy.
  • Temperature sensors with PT1000 sensor elements ensure precise recognition of the temperature difference and optimum use of energy
  • Guaranteed degree-accuracy according to DIN EN60751
  • Ideal for small commercial and large residential solar hot water and heating systems
  • Designed for high-volume production and are fully compatible with wet, aggressive media

How does it work?


View of the electrical diagram

If required SunMaxx Solar provides full permit package with electric schema included for your project.

Connect the SmartMaxx-VFS flow meter to the controller

The cable wire from the flow meter should be connected to the 4-pin connection in the controller

Connect the sensor to the controller according to the electrical diagram

There are two ferrules protruding from the sensor, which should be pulled through the hole in the controller housing and connected according to the diagram using a flathead screwdriver.

Fix the position of the cable using the clamps that are in the controller housing


Make sure you have connected the wires correctly.

If you make a mistake, you can always reposition the ferrules using a flathead screwdriver and rewire the connection to the correct slot in terminal.

Close the controller and screw the two parts of the housing together.

What parts & accessories do I need?