10 Thermosyphon Vacuum Replacement Tubes

10 Thermosyphon Vacuum Replacement Tubes

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Thermosyphon Vacuum Replacement Tube Box of 10

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Replacement tubes for SunMaxx evacuated tube collectors.

Compatible Model Collectors: 

All ThermoPower-VTS series evacuated tube collectors with 2,000mm x 58mm evacuated tubes. Its important to check the sizes, as some VTS tubes are 58mm x 1800mm.

Common Questions:

Can I purchase only one evacuated tube? No, as the evacuated tubes must be safely packaged in boxes of 10pcs.

Can I ship via UPS/Fedex? No, all tubes must be shipped by LTL, pickup or SunMaxx direct delivery services.

Can I use non-SunMaxx evacuated tubes as replacement tubes? No, this will void the warranty of the equipment.

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