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125k Double Wall Solar Heat Exchanger


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125k Double Wall Solar Heat Exchanger

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Product Details & Specifications

125k Double Wall Solar Heat Exchanger

Double Walled Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Double Wall Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers consist of two stainless steel plates to prevent cross contamination of fluids in the event of an internal leak. The air gap between the plates allows the leak to vented to the atmosphere enabling visual detection.
  • 125000 btu/hr

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger – 50 Plate:
The 50 Plate Brazed Plate Double Wall Heat Exchanger from Silicon Solar Inc allows you to continue to use your existing hot water storage tank as an included part of your new solar hot water heating system.

The SunMaxx Series is designed for a wide variety of fluid to fluid applications requiring exacting heat transfer performance. Hydronic applications include:

  • Domestic water heating
  • Snow melt systems
  • Radiant floor systems
  • Cooling tower interface
  • High pressure to low pressure isolation
  • Glycol to water
  • Close approach applications
  • Shell/tube replacements

Completely sealed stainless steel construction copper brazed with a high performance heat transfer surface to promote low fouling. Smaller models include 1/2 to 200 gpm models and larger sizes range up to 400 gpm. All models have MPT male pipe thread connections and mounting stud bolts.

These exchangers are rated at 450 psi working pressure (both sides) and they feature U.L. Listed European TUV and optional ASME code construction. The FPN Series is similar except that it is Nickel Brazed. The FPN is ideal for de-ionized water solvents and other applications and are rated at 300 psi working pressure.

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Product Details & Specifications

Weight 7.00 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 x 5.00 in

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