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Butler Sun Solutions Solar Wand Heat Exchanger 46 Inch


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Butler Sun Solutions Solar Wand Heat Exchanger 46 Inch

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Product Details & Specifications

Butler Sun Solutions Solar Wand Heat Exchanger 46 Inch

The Butler Sun Solutions Solar Wand allows readily available standard hot water tanks to be adapted quickly and easily for solar heating. The Solar Wand is a double walled heat exchanger that fits into any full size 40 gallon and up domestic hot water tank. It screws into the outlet port of a standard hot water tank. It provides a new hot water outlet and new solar collector fluid input and output connections. The Solar Wand has about two square feet of heat transfer surface inside the tank. The solar collector fluid usually a mixture of propylene glycol and water is isolated from the hot water by two copper walls and the space in between is vented outside of the tank. SRCC OG-300 Certification still pending.

The Solar Wand allows the solar system installer to use the existing hot water tank and a single pump to circulate fluid from the solar collector to the Solar Wand. Hot water tanks with built in heat exchangers are not usually available at water heater retail outlets.

When the hot water tank fails after many years of normal use a new tank will be installed and the Solar Wand transferred from the old tank to the new tank during installation. Homeowners can install the Solar Wand and solar collectors themselves saving money. Professional installers will save time and effort.

Solar Wand Specification Sheet 46”
Isolation of Fluids: Double Wall Protected Materials: Copper Brass & Lead Free Solder
Threads into Tank: 3/4 “Male NPT
Hot Water Outlet Port: 3/4 “Male NPT
Hot Water Outlet Flow: 18 GPM @ 40 psi
Hot Water Flow No Wand: 20 GPM @ 40 psi
Bottom of Wand to Top of Treads: 46.5”
Overall Height: 56.5”
Height Above Tank: 10”
Solar Input (Top): 1/2’Male NPT
Output to Pump (Bottom): 1/2’ Compression
Surface Area: 2 Square Feet
Normal Operating Temp.: 120º-220ºF
Maximum Pressure: 125 psi
Normal Flow: 0.5 to 1 GPM

Typical Conditions:

Temperature Input 200 ºF – Temperature Output 182 ºF – Flow 0.5 GPM
BTU per Hour 4320 BTU/Hr

Maximum Conditions:

Temperature Input 240 ºF – Temperature Output 205 ºF – Flow 0.5 GPM or 4 #min
BTU per Hour 8400 BTU/Hr

SRCC Solar Rating Certification Corp.-OG-300
IAPMO International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
Uniform Solar Energy Code Listing-5663
Fitness for Application: User must determine suitability for their application

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Product Details & Specifications

Weight 14.00 lbs
Dimensions 52.00 x 14.00 in

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