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ThermoPower VTS 30 Tube Heat Pipe Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System


$3,696.00 $2,217.60

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Incentives, Savings & Payback Information

Federal Incentive Cost After Incentive
30% $ 665.28 $ 1552.32
*Your state may have incentives & additional savings. Call for details.
Your Heating Fuel Annual Savings Estimated Payback
#2 Fuel Oil $ 350.31 4.4 Years
Electricity $ 449.66 3.5 Years
Propane $ 321.96 4.8 Years
*Please Note: annual savings and estimated payback are only estimates based on certain assumptions. Real world performance and results may vary.
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Product Description

Product Documents

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Product Details & Specifications

# of People 1-4
Solar Collectors Incldued? Yes
Designed Domestic Hot Water Production 60 Gallons
Auxiliary Heat Source
Design Hot Water Temperature 130 F
Required Installation Time 1-2 days (depending on experience)
Can do DIY Install? yes (we recommend Authorized Installer to Assist)
Manufacturer SunMaxx Solar

OG-300 Certified 80 Gallon Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System

ThermoPower: Silicon Solar offers pre-packaged solar hot water heating systems for both the do-it-yourself customer and the professional installer. Each system includes the primary components required when installing a solar hot water heating system. It is our goal to keep our product cost low in order to ensure that we are making renewable energy products more affordable to our community.

What is OG-300 Certification?

Experience has proven that product certification by a “third party” is essential to both the industry and the consumers.  Third party certification gives four major advantages to its participants.

First and foremost, product certification helps sell products by creating customer confidence in products that are certified; certification acceptance by code officials reduces installation costs; and financing is facilitated when the product is certified.

Second, certification extends a company’s engineering capabilities by helping to build products with improved safety; field installation problems are identified and resolved during the certification process.

Under the OG 300 system rating and certification program:

  • Systems must meet or exceed all criteria required to meet HUD Minimum Property Standards.
  • Rating includes a simple way for consumers to compare expected annual performance and energy savings.

Unique features of this certification program include:

  • Evaluation of system design, safety, installation procedures, operations and maintenance materials and system performance.
  • Rating label that is comparable to the Energy Guide Label required by the Federal Trade Com­mission for most gas and electric hot water heaters.

All systems have been tested under the highest quality standards to ensure the longevity of your solar heating system. If you are unsure of where to start or if you require guidance with your solar hot water heating system please feel free to contact a solar hot water specialist at 1-800-786-0329.

SRCC OG-300 Certified 80 Gallon Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System

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