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Solar Grade Glycol XMaxx-ACC-GlycolXT_05G


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Solar Grade Glycol XMaxx-ACC-GlycolXT_05G

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SunMaxx Solar Glycol XT

SunMaxx Solar Glycol XT is specifically designed for your solar thermal and geothermal applications. SunMaxx Solar Glycol XT has 30% less viscosity at low temperatures and greater thermal stability at high temperatures up to 350 °F, when compared to your typical glycols. Unlike your typical propylene or ethylene glycol which is made from foreign oil or natural gas, SunMaxx Solar Glycol XT is made from sustainable, bio-based raw materials. Pre-mixed for your convenience.


  • Boiling Point: >218 °F
  • Melting Point: -16.6 °F
  • Specific Heat: 3.6375 J/g*C
  • Thermal Cond.: 0.206 Btu/hr*ft*f
  • Refractive Index*: 1.439
  • Viscosity*: 6.03 cP

* – at 20° C (68° F)

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