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DC-Powered Digital Controller

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DC-Powered Digital Controller

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SmartMaxx-DC Controllers

This controller is designed specifically for solar hot water applications where the circulation pump is powered by a solar panel or DC power. The SmartMaxx-DC will improve the performance of any DC powered solar heating system. It will switch power to the pump when it determines that one sensor (S1) is hotter than the other (S2). More importantly, it shuts off the pump when the reverse is true.

The DC controller simply switches the pump on the moment one sensor (S1) is hotter than the other (S2), and turns it off the moment that S1 is cooler than S2. This makes the design simple and guarantees that you are never lowering the temperature of your stored water – even by a fraction of a degree. Placement of the sensors must be carefully considered to account for temperature drops across both sides of a heat exchanger.

  • operate from 3.5 to 24 volts (30 volts max)
  • Uses standard 10K thermistor temperature sensors
  • Ambient operating temperature 32°- 158°F (0° – 70°C)
  • Manual override switch has ON/AUTO/OFF to simplify testing
  • Green LED load power indicator
  • Switches up to 6 Amps (72 Watts)
  • Replaceable 6 amp 3AG type fuse inside
  • Built-in surge protection protects electronic motors
  • Under 3mA power consumption (when load is off)

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