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80 Gallon Simple Drainback Tank With Electric Element and 1 Heat Exchanger


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80 gallon StorMaxx SDB Domestic Hot Water Tank

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Product Details & Specifications

Capacity80 Gallons
Dry Weight235 lbs
Port for Optional Electric Element?Yes
Maximum Temperature200 F
Maximum Pressure100 psi
Insulation MaterialR15 Polyurethane
Insulation Thickness2"
Number of Heat Exchanger Coils1
Heat Exchanger Coil MaterialCopper
Number of Circulation Ports4

80 gallon StorMaxx SDB Domestic Hot Water Tank

Our Solar Storage Tanks are made with extremely durable materials with a high tech titanium steel/porcelain enamel bond that is expected to last 15 years. Our spirally augmented copper coils allow extremely efficient heat exchange within the thanks. Our outer jacket made from painted alloy steel provides a very clean look to the system. We use polyurethane insulation for maximum heat preservation.

How does it work?

The sun heats the solar collector on the roof. The temperature sensors read that the collector is a higher temperature than the water in the storage tank. The controller turns on the pump sending solar water from the storage tank to the collector to pick up the extra heat and return it to the tank. When the pump shuts off the solar water drains back to the tank. The cold domestic water is plumbed through a copper heat exchanger submerged in the tank. When hot water is turned on in the building, the cold domestic water is drawn through the heat exchanger and picks up the stored heat in the tank and comes out hot. If the solar collectors are still hot as the temperature in the tank drops, the solar water is pumped back up to the collectors, where it is once again heated by the sun.


  • Titanium steel, plasma welded inner tank
  • Porcelain enamel lined, baked at 1650°F
  • Features a 5 year warranty with expected life of 15 years or more
  • Two inches of polyurethane insulation R=15
  • Premium alloy outer jacket
  • P/T valve
  • Magnesium anode rod for corrosion protection
  • Only one pump to run, only one tank to heat
  • Hot spring heat exchanger
  • Works with tap water
  • Temperature sensor ports for accurate readout
  • Heat exchangers are spirally augmented coils for extremely efficient heat exchange
  • Port for optional electric heat element

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