ThermoPower VTS 15 Tube / 40G Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Kit With Heat Pipes


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Product Details & Specifications

Type Pressurized / HP
# of Tubes 15
Capacity (G) 40
Footprint (ft2) 24.5
Dry Weight (lbs) 143

Our DIY residential solar hot water systems are complete packages that are ready to install and provide affordable, efficient solar hot water in warmer climates where cold days are few and far-between. Each system includes a heating tank and high-efficiency solar collector integrated together for simplicity and affordability.

This model integrates:

  • 40G outdoor rated solar hot water storage tank
  • 15 tube ThermoPower evacuated tube solar collector

By preheating your hot water with our ThermoPower residential solar hot water kit, you will dramatically reduce your energy costs for water heating, which, for the average household, translates to a savings of hundreds of dollars every single year.

How It Works

How A Pressurized DIY Solar Water Heater Works

Operational Basics

Through natural convection hot water rises and cold water sinks. This principal explains the basic operation of a Thermosyphon System. Cold water sinks from the storage tank (header) into the evacuated tubes. While in the tubes the cold water is heated. As the water heats it rises back up into the header. Throughout the day all of the cold water within the Thermpsyphon System will be heated in this way.

Hot Water Production (DHW)

Each system is designed to produce 80 gallons of domestic hot water per day in a northern latitude climate. The system will produce more hot water in warmer climates which receive additional insolation. Please note that hot water temperatures are designed to reach 130-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Size Your Solar Hot Water System

On average a home requires approximately 20 gallons of hot water per day per person. Using this figure you can calculate which size prepackaged system is suitable for your heating requirements.

If you are looking to utilize a solar hot water heating system for space heating needs please contact our solar hot water sales department so we may provide you with an accurate assessment of your heating requirements. Typically we are able to offset between 40-80% of your home heating needs with a payback period of less than 8 years.


Need Help with Permitting?

SunMaxx offers permitting & PE engineering assistance. Please contact your sales representative for further information and pricing.


How to mount the VTS solar collector?

Each unit, includes a main frame (with approximately 10 degree angle when mounted on flat roof). The base mounting does not include hardware / lag bolts, for connecting the collector into the roof surface.

Mounting to Asphalt or Metal Roof:

The following items are required for mounting to an asphalt or metal roof. Assembly below includes rated lab bolts and hardware for handling the load rating of the solar collector. Substituting non-SunMaxx mounting hardware will void the system warranty. For mounting to standing seam roof, please confirm the standing seam roof type prior to ordering.

Item Qty
ConnectMaxx-VTS30-1FM-V1 2
XMaxx-HW-M8-40mm-TBolt 12
ConnectMaxx-TRHW-M8-HEXNUT 12
XMaxx-HW-PLS30-Caulk 1

Mounting to Tile Roof

The following items are required for mounting to tile roof (Spanish tile, ceramic time, cement tile).

Item Qty
ConnectMaxx-VTS30-1FM-V1 2
ConnectMaxx-UV-QMUTM-TILE-V2 6
XMaxx-HW-M8-40mm-TBolt 12
ConnectMaxx-TRHW-M8-HEXNUT 12
XMaxx-HW-PLS30-Caulk 1

Safety and Pressure Regulation

The following items are required to ensure the system can safety operate. Failure to integrate these system components into the design will result in voiding of the collectors warranty.

Item Qty Description
XMaxx-HW-VALVE-75PSI-3/4IN-T&P 1 T & P value to ensure pressure of VTS does not exceed 75PSI.
XMaxx-HW-Valve-PR-3/4IN-PRESS-75PSI-LF 1 Pressure reducing value. System pressure should not exceed 75PSI
XMaxx-EXP-02G-3/4IN 1 ¾” 2G High Temperature expansion tank NSF listed
XMaxx-HW-Valve-Mixing-3/4IN-Sharkbite 1 Temperature mixing valve (DHW potable water rated) with sharkbite connections; suitable for us with copper pipe or pex (or mix)

Spare Parts

Item Qty Description
ThermoPower-A-VHP-58X1800MMTUBE-10 1 Box to spare glass tubes (heat pipes from the collector can be re-installed inside of glass tubes.

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Product Documents

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